Monday, April 26, 2010

Four Baptisms! April 26, 2010

hey fam!!
well this week was a pretty good week. I actually had four baptisms this past saturday! We had been working with this inactive lady for quite a while and she has three kids that aren´t baptised so we reactivated her and baptised her kids, it was awesome. Then there was another girl that is way way solid that we baptised, she is only 14 but i think knows more than i do. The house of the family we baptised is out in the middle of nowhere, it takes about 30 minutes by bus and then another 30 minutes of walking. Right in front of there house is a big river that we had to cross, haha it was awesome i took some video and a pic that i will send. Well I'm starting to get more used to the area which is nice but the 105 degree weather is still killing me. It should start raining here in a couple weeks so that will be a nice change.

Im not sick anymore so that's good news! We might have to change houses here in a little while because we think somebody is stealing our electricity... our bill was $30 this past much which is RIDICULOUS. It´s usually about $8.. and it´s in a pretty dangerous part of the city, so yeah i want to move haha. We´ll see what happens though cause you have to get direct permission from the president. Well tomorrow we have our multizone meeting which Im pretty excited for! I don´t think I will see many elders that I know, but that´s alright it´ll still be a good time. Supposedly this Friday the Lions Club is coming to El Salvador and a ton of gringos are going to go and translate for them! I'm kinda nervous I'm not sure how well I´ll be able to do it, but oh well it´ll be cool and maybe I´ll get to see some elders that I haven´t seen for a while. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you that I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting, my first talk in spanish! it went pretty well and it was only about 8 minutes so it wasn´t too tough.

Well only two more weeks and I will be talking to you guys on the phone! I can´t believe it. I'm way excited! So supposedly the night before I'm supposed to call you guys and give you the number that you need to call me on for the next day. Well thanks for all your prayers and support I love you all have a great week!
p.s tell Darrel Welling that i know he´ll do an awesome job and that im stoked to have him as my bishop when I get back.

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