Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy, Busy! Last letters of July 2010

Wow, it seems like just when I get caught up on Nick's blog we go out of town again! Sorry for the delay, hopefully none of you read this faithfully enough to even know the weekly letters have been missing ;) All my summer trips are finished, so I promise to keep it updated every week from here on out. :) Nick, I'm sure you don't read this but I MISS you!!!! Love your sis xoxo

July 19th

Dear Kauai family,
Well your guys´ week has sounded AWESOME! Gosh I can´t wait to go again when i get back. This sounds like one of the best years that you've had in Hawaii, I know im not there but in terms of stuff to do and good conditions and all of that kind of thing it sounds pretty dang good! haha that´s sweet that you guys saw Pierce Brosnon again, you should have taken a sneaky photo, I wanna see the old James Bond!!
Well i got that news letter thing it´s awesome!!!! tell Kaye thanks a ton. I'm going to have to print it off and read it later but it looks way awesome. Everything is going pretty good here. Some of my district can't right today because there work has been so bad... haha crazy huh. The president called them personally, but I think this week is going to be better for them. So this next week the president is coming to this side of the country to do training with all of the leaders of the zones including district leaders... I'm pretty nervous! Supposedly it is something that he is going to start doing every month, so we´ll see how that goes.

We had a good day yesterday we brought quite a few investigators to church and are working with a couple really, really good people so keep your fingers crossed. Well I dont have much time today but everything is going well it´s been raining quite a bit which is nice at night! I´ve been feeling fine, headaches pretty frequently but nothing I can´t deal with. Love you all thanks for all your love and support and enjoy Hawaii! Live it up for me!!!!!

July 26th

Hey fam! Well looks like you guys had a really sweet time in Hawaii. Thanks for the pictures I loved them! Before we know it all 7 of us will be there and I will retake my rightful place as master of the waves haha. Sounds like it is back to the busy life for all of you immediately! Good luck at the funeral, send kit my love and condolences. Mom I hope singing goes well, I love both of those songs I wish i could hear it! Also good luck with the doctor check up with Grandpa.......... I´ll be praying for him for sure. Haha it made me life thinking of Jim Hill at the viewing, and I did his impression right after that. "Well hey how ya doin!" and dadgummit HOW DO WE FIELD A BALL... from the ground UP! " haha good memories with that man.

Well everything is going well here. I actually had a baptism yesterday! it was really good. Her name is Ivette and she is 17. I have been working with her family since the first day I got here in San Miguel and I finally saw the fruits of it. I think it's my most spirtitual baptism yet. I´ll send you some pics! I think I will also send you a little voice clip if I have time. It rained super hard last night for about three hours, but other than that the weather hasn´t been too wild so I guess that storm missed us.

We have a multi zone meeting on Wednesday so hopefully I will get the package that you guys sent!!! I'm real excited. I don´t have changes until the 18th so I've still got a while. I have a feeling that I might stay here.. I dont know though. It would be kind of nice to have a new area and get to know other parts of the country. Just pray it´s not Soyapongo! That´s the most dangerous area, there is even a movie about it called "la vida loca".

Well yeah what else is goin on at home? Any cool happening in the world? How´s our boy Obama doing? People always ask me if I like him and I dont really know what to say I just tell them, yeah he´s really good! haha but I haven't even heard anything about him. Well sorry this is kind of short but im going to try and get those pics and voice clip sent off, so I´ll talk to you guys later love you all thanks for all of your prayers and support have a great week!


Monday, July 5, 2010

District Leader! July 5, 2010

mi querido familia,
well changes today.. everything is the same. I'm still with elder pelic√≥ and still in my same area! its good though we´re working with some good people and I dont mind being with my companion so im happy. So just when Im getting in a comfort zone, in my area for a long time, and thinking that nothing as changed.. the Lord throws me with a curve ball like He often does. I've been made District Leader!! It´ll be pretty sweet, but I wont lie Im pretty scared. I´ll have to be doing baptismal interviews and give a district meeting every week, along with calling my district everynight and asking what they did, who they visited, blah blah blah. But I am excited for the challenge and it is a nice change of pace. So pray extra hard for me this week, I'm gonna need it. Elder Aiono had changes so he is gone... Im pretty bumbed about it. By far my best friend in the mission. But guess who is my new zone leader mom? Elder Brummond! haha funny huh. He´s a cool guy so Im excited to have him as my zone leader.

Well sounds like you all had a pretty sweet weeek! I actually was way bumbed not being able to celebrate the fourth of July.. it was pretty funny though me and Elder Aiono got a mini American flag, held it up in his room and said the pledge of aliegance haha. God bless the USA!! Man.. I can´t believe that you guys will be in Hawaii saturday... so jealous. I know you think it is bad to talk about and just makes me homesick, but don´t worry it really doesn´t that bad and I want you guys to keep me informed on what you do and send me plenty of pictures and all that good stuff. oh, and tons of video of course!!!
Thanks for all the updates about everything Brooke, I loved them. You'll be in charge of catching me up when i get back haha. ugh I want to keep writing but I can´t, I gotta go but love you and I´ll talk to you in HAWAII!!! Thanks for all your love and support.
love nick