Monday, April 12, 2010

New Area! April 12, 2010

hey fam!
Alright, ready for the news? I have been transfered to San Miguel!! My area is called Roosvelt. it is THE hottest area in the mission... it's on average over 100 degrees, plus the humidity..haha oh well im just getting it over with early in my mission. My companion is named Elder Gonzalez, can you believe it?! haha two in a row, pretty weird. He is from Honduras, and ready for the kicker... he has 1 and a half months in the mission.. im senior companion!! I was pretty dang shocked, and i am really nervous to tell you the truth. I now have all the responsibility of teaching him, making sure we complete our numbers, baptizing, and paying all of our bills and all that good stuff. I know i will grow a lot this change, but i also know that it will most likely be very challenging.

Alright, kicker number 2.. remember Elder Street? He is in my District!! haha i couldn´t believe it.. almost 200 missionaries here in El Salvador and I am in his same district as him (only us 4 in total). Elder DelMarcado is also in my zone, so yeah its pretty sweet to be in the same zone as two elders from the MTC! It is very different here in San Miguel from what i have seen. It´s much more rural and VERY hot. There are a ton of cows and horses and oxen that pull stuff around and yeah its pretty crazy. Guess what? Supposedly my cook has a pet monkey! haha im way excited for that. Well yeah that´s the big news for the day.

So our baptism this past Saturday actually fell through.. i was pretty sad. But that´s ok hopefully they will just get married in the near future. A couple days ago as a result of my not drinking enough water, I apparently got some sort of infection and I felt like i was passing a kidney stone! It lasted for two days (longest days of my life).. but luckily it went away. im going to need to drink a ton of water here! Well sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Sorry to hear Grandma and Grandpa have been sick.. but i know that Grandma worships you Mom, she tells me everytime in her letters haha.

How was skiing this past week? Mom im sorry im not going to be there to translate the letter you sent to Hermana Zelada.. but there is another gringo so he will be able to tranlate it for you. So yeah about that text message josh got haha. I was at a members house and this girl was messing with her cell phone so i took and put in my number and said this is my brothers number send him a text! So she took about 10 minutes to type it in English and the original message said " hi am from El Salvador, you brother is my house," haha so I corrected it and she actually sent it! I didn´t think it would actually get to the phone thats sooo sweet! I wasn´t there when he replied.. what did you say? Brooke I can´t believe you are graduating college... that´s incredible way to go! The invitation to Reese's blessing is way sweet, she´s so pretty! Tell Danielle I got her Dear Elder today and that I´ll write her back next Monday. And I can´t believe you have turned to the dark side of the golf world.... repent! haha jk.. But seriously, Dad I can´t believe philis won! im still impressed that tiger took fourth though considering everything. How did Boston go? Well you got your wish for me to be in a more rural place, I feel like Im in the year 1750! Haha it´ll be sweet though and hopefully I´ll have some success. Well sorry guys I don´t have a ton of time but love you all and wish me luck this week!
Love Nick

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