Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Email, He's Coming Home Friday!

Dear fam,
Well guys, this is it. Don´t really know what to say, but I guess I don`t need to say much, cause I will see you all in a few days! We were able to baptize Alex on Saturday which was great, despite of some difficulties with the water going out at the church with two inches of water in the baptismal faunt.... haha I had to have one last mess before I went home :) but it all worked out in the end. So President Maybes house at 630 huh? great. Speaking of Elder Marchant, I think I´m going to be working with him on Wednesday and Thursday in my first area por venir, sweet huh?! Im way excited. Well I have a bunch of mixed emotions here all of which seem pretty unreal, but most of all I just feel gratitude. I´m very grateful to have had the opportunity to be here and serve a mission, and feel like I have learned a lot, but also know I have a lot more to learn. Now comes the real test!!! Take care, I´ll see you all on Friday.

Love Nick

Friday, November 11, 2011

2 more weeks! Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear fam,
Hey guys, just wrapping up a pretty darn good p-day. We went to the temple in the morning at about 9 O clock, for the first time in about two years! It was way nice. I almost forgot how great the temple is. It was cool to see and feel the difference between when I was there doing the open house and now that it is actually dedicated. It is a real, tangible difference. President was there with us, but unfortunately Sister Glazier was sick. It was also really cool to do it in Spanish! There were a lot of things that I didn´t really pick up on in English or I guess were just clearly or better worded in Spanish, I don´t know hard to explain but it was good. I´m going to be able to go back with all the Elders that are going home and president again on the 23rd so I´m looking forward to it and am glad I´ll be able to go one more time. Then afterwards we went to play soccer at a cool field with another zone that went to the temple with us, and Elder Marchant was there so that was fun.

Well sounds like everybody had a pretty eventful week! Sweet football game, and sweeter fight! haha nothing more pathetic than watching grown men fighting at little league sporting events... but nothing quite as funny either! haha. I can´t believe that it is snowing!! I´m gonna freeze! just looking at those pictures gave me the chills. Everything is going welll here. I´m trying to secure two baptisms for the last weekend of my mission! Alex and José.

Well pretty breaking news here in El Salvador this week. Ready for it....? El Salvador was officially rated the most violent country in the world. How about that? haha more than Iraq, Africa, Mexico, yup all the big ones. We´re number one. The numbers have been really high this last month for some reason, people say it´s normal for the month of November.. who knows why. Looks like I´m getting out of here just in time! haha. Well I think this Monday I´m going to go down town to get some shopping done. If you know me well you will know how much I LOVE shopping... ha so if I don´t come back with something you absolutely love please forgive me. I don´t have much patience in that category especially when people are trying to rip me off! But I´ll try my best :) Well I hope you all have a good week, sorry so short but....I´ll see ya in a couple weeks!
Love Nick

Happy Halloween, Monday Oct 31st

Dear Fam,

Well during the week I always sort of forget that I'm going home soon, or it at least doesn't seem as real, and then Monday comes around and I read your guys' email and remember "wow....... I guess I am coming home soon.." haha. Don't build it up too big in your mind's guys, I'll get home and you will all realize hey... it's just the same old Nick... with a few changes I guess haha. It's all pretty weird that's all I can say!
Well Vilma got baptized on Saturday! We went over to her house the other day and she was way flustered so we asked her what was wrong and she told us that some robbers got on her bus and robbed a bunch of people. She said that had happened to her twice before and both times they had robbed her. They got on and one guy didn't want to give anything so they hit him pretty good. They went to the back of the bus where Vilma was seated, and passed right by her. She said she can feel such a difference now that she has been praying and reading the book of Mormon, and she's certain that God protected her that time because of it. Long story short.. DUNKED ON SATURDAY! :) Another cool thing with our investigator Alex Preza. We were in a lesson with him and the week before at church the principles of the gospel class was on fasting and fast offerings. Anyways at the end of the lesson later that week I asked him if he had any questions and he said "yeah can you help me on Sunday know how to do the whole fast offering thing? I fasted this week so I could get a lend for another bus for work, and it worked." First time I've had an investigator fast before being baptized, stud!

Well other than that everything is pretty normal. It has been burning hot these last couple of days... it went from nice and cool and raining to scorching. We played soccer this morning and I am so burned haha.
Sounds like everybody had a good time at the old family reunion. I'm excited to have another one and see how everybody has changed. From the picture you sent of the adults, looks like everybody has aged pretty well in the last couple of years! congrats! haha.

Yeah let me know when the Bishop tells you about the talk... that would be kind of nice to know. I remember one time a missionary came home and talked about food storage.. haha. Oh I forgot to say that I got the package! Man Reese is huuuuuge! I about died laughing on the video when she was saying "joooosh!" haha so cute. I liked all the things in the package and have already given a few of them away so thanks! Well I'll send some of those pics. Thanks for everything! Love you all have a great week.

Love Nick