Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First week in San Miguel- April 19, 2010

hey fam!

Well first week down here in San Miguel. its been pretty crazy! San Miguel is SO hot... like nothing I have ever felt before in my life. I feel like I am in a different country, it is very very different from Lyco. It’s really not very pretty, just really dry and a lot of countryside.. almost like I'm in Kentucky or something! Ha-ha but it’s way weird because it seems like I am sooo isolated from everybody and everything in my area, but then I just have to take a bus 20 minutes and I'm in a city and there is actually a small little mall! Where the zone meets for Pday there is a WENDYS!!!! I couldn’t believe it... I think we are going to eat there today and I can’t even express how excited I am.

We have to take a 30 min. bus to get to our church, so that is also very different from lyco. But I was pretty happy cause we got 6 investigators to come to church which is pretty good! We actually have a lot of people to teach and our area is HUGE. It goes all the way to the beach which is actually about 1 hour or so. But after 5 o’clock we are restricted to only about a third of our area at most... it’s pretty dang dangerous here! I have already seen and heard some crazy stuff. Don’t worry though I'm going to be smart and follow the rules and as long as I do that I can guarantee nothing is going to happen.

Well my cook is really really good! A lot better than my last one. She is not a member so we have to wash our own garments which kinda stinks... but oh well. I feel like I'm living like 70 years ago so that’s pretty cool ha-ha. Her house is seriously like a zoo, she has a chiwawa and a HUGE dog that looks like a bear, two parrots, and like I all ready told you a monkey. The monkey is insane its waaaay strong and aggressive so you can’t really play with it or anything but it’s still cool to watch. Friday and Saturday I actually got really sick. I had diarrhea and was throwing up every half hour.. the worst I have ever been here! I obviously ate something pretty bad. But I'm all good now!

Yesterday we had a huge rain storm which was awesome!! There is a part of our apartment that doesn’t have a roof so I just laid in my hammock listened to the rain with mist blowing in my face, it was reaaal nice! Well I'm sorry to hear that Kim’s Dad died.. sounds like it was pretty tough. Sounds like he was suffering a lot though so I guess it’s a blessing that he finally is released from all of that. Well yeah that’s about it, I'm just plugging a long here takin it one day at a time! I'm sooo excited to talk to you guys here a few short weeks it’s going to be awesome.

Well I’ll write Brooke and mom and dad on their emails so have a good week everybody thanks for all your love and support!!

love nick

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