Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling better - August 15, 2011

Hey guys,

Well my ears are quite a bit better so that´s good, I guess the area doctor knew what he was talking about after all! My hearing is gradually getting better I think, although it´s hard to note the difference. But the most relieving thing is that there isn´t much pain anymore, soI'm happy haha. It was nice to be able to get out and work again this week, although we seemed to have kinda of bad luck for some reason! There was a city party the other night and all the streets of the city were shut down and everything pretty much turned into a big club/concert haha. Everybody was wasted and there were trashy people all over the place. I woke up at three in the morning and could still hear all the music! soooo loud. We´ve had a few problems with some of the Elders in the zone unfortunately. One of my old comps is getting frustrating with his companion that he is training because he doesn´t know any Spanish. The thing is, the elder speaks English and I told him, hey man don´t speak English to your companion, if you do he won´t learn. Well he didn´t really listen and from day one spoke to him in English always... and now it´s kinda coming back to get him. So anyways his district leader Elder Coy is also training, and supposedly they have been doing a lot of divisions on days that aren't authorized just to get away from there companions and be together. I feel bad for the guy, learning a new language is tough, and if your companion doesn´t have patience it can be super discouraging! But other than that everything is fine. This next weekend my companion and I should be baptizing four people so that´ll be good!

Well this week is going to be pretty sweet, a lot of things to look forward to! On Friday at 6pm we are going to have a special meeting with Elder Eyering and Christofferson with both missions. It´s going to be awesome I´m sure. And it´ll be good to have a fellow Bountiful-ite in El Salvador. haha when I tell people that he lives like two minutes from my house their jaw drops to the floor. So I´ll have to give you guys some good details about that next week. Then on Saturday there is the cultural event for the temple that we will be watching from the stake center, and Sunday the dedication!!!! I´ve got my pass and everything ready to go. There are a couple recent converts of only a couple weeks that are going to be going as well so I'm excited for them. I'm not even really sure what to expect because I've never been to an open house as sad as that is.

Well sounds like Biss did a good job, that´s good. It´s gotta be weird being home.. is he still going to play baseball for the U? I´m sure he feels pretty accomplished making the decision to go on a mission, I can imagine what I'd be doing right now if I didn´t go. I'm pretty proud of all my friends, I really can think of only one that didn´t end up going. Pretty sweet! Well this week has been rain, rain, and more rain! I don't know why, but it seems to always rain at night and never during the day. It´s just super hot and humid during the day from the rain the night before.

Hey before I forget, tell Kim thanks for the tie she sent me I like it a lot!! I´ve gotten quite a few complements on it haha. How are Grandma and Grandpa Reid doing, and Grandma Kirkbride? Tell them all hi for me. Well have a great week love you all thanks for all of your prayers and support, it means a lot!

Que se diviertan en yellowstone!
Love Nick

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ear Infection- August 8th, 2011

Hey fam,

Well, how is everyone? All I can say is.. I´m glad this week is over. ha I had a bit of a health problem this week. On Wednesday I woke up at about 1:30 in the morning with an unbelievable pain in both my ears, and pretty much couldn't hear a thing. So I got up and tried to look for some medicine, but then realized that I left all my medicine in my last house, I didn't even have Ibprofine! So I spent probably one of the most painful nights of my life pacing my 12 by 12 foot room wanting to bang my head against the wall. Well the next morning I went to my cooks house and asked her to buy me some Ibprofin and I called the mission nurse. She gave me the name of some ear drops to buy and some other little things to try. So I did all that and it wasn't getting better, and the pain was straight up unbearable!!! I would take 900 MG of Ibprofen and that would calm it for about 4 hours on the dot and the pain would start up again, and on top of all of that I felt like I was constantly under watering my hearing was so bad. Well it just so happens that in this great country of El Salvador this week is break week, and not just for students.. but eeeeeeeeveryone. Including hospitals. So the nurse said that she couldn't get me to the doctor until Monday (this was Friday.. I had already past three days of torture). I called her back like five hours later and said hey listen I need to see somebody tomorrow. I don´t know what you have to do or what I will have to pay but just get me to somebody. So I went the next day to the emergency room place in Lyco to a specialist in nose, ears and throat. He examined me and said that I had a severe infection in both ears. He couldn't even see through my ear holes because they were both so swollen, so he had to pretty much pry them open. I about hit him. haha So he wrote up a list of medicines that he was going to give me and said that he wanted to give me three IV´s right then and there.. and that I would be better in three days. Well I called the nurse to check and see if that was ok and she said that she needed to call the area doctor to get authorization. She called back and said that the doctor only authorized the first IV and NONE of the medication that the doctor wanted to give me... so I had to explain to the doctor thanks for seeing me but that I couldn't follow any of his advice because the guy in charge of me wouldn't allow it... yeah embarrassing. So they gave me the IV, that was great (remind me to tell you some details about that some day), and I left.

The area doctor just told the mission nurse to buy a antibiotic (I had already tried 2 that didn't work) and just keep taking Ibprofen.. I was sooooo ticked haha. Well that was Saturday. I have been taking the medicine for two days, and the pain is a little better, but I still pretty much don´t hear a thing. So yeah, I'm gonna need some advice from Doctor Bruce Reid... I'm going to send the names of the medication that doctor wanted me to take and the names that I am taking right now and tell me what you think.

Well other than that everything is good. haha I pretty much was just in the house all week long so there is not much to tell you, but we actually have quite a few people in our teaching pool and the zone is doing really well for the most part. Tomorrow we have a muti-zone which will be good. Oh and I got the package on Tuesday!! I loved it thanks a ton, especially the video haha so funny. I have been loving it, although haven´t been able to enjoy it this week. Thanks for everything I promise I' ll get a better email next week!! Tell Biss hi for me.
Love Nick

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Normal- August 1, 2011

Hey guys,
How is everybody? Sounds like this week was just one big party for everybody! haha that´s good live up the summer. We are in winter right now, kinda weird huh? It has been raining, and raining, and raining. Which is kind of good because that means more people in their houses (here people have a deathly fear of the rain... one little drop and they are certain they´ll get sick) haha. It has been a little weird having the whole week to work now that the temple is over, and especially since we are opening an area we are pretty much just doing a lot of looking and asking. Things are going fine with my comp, he´s a pretty serious guy....but like I said last week a good worker.
So it´s official, the 19th of this month the mission and the Santa Ana/Belize mission will have a special meeting with Elder Eyering! I´m way excited it´s gonna be great I´m sure. And then the next day is the cultural event for the temple and then the dedication on the 21st, it´s all coming up! Right now all the wards are in a bit a frenzy trying to interview as many people as possible so they can watch the dedication. We won´t be going to the actual dedication, very few will from the whole country. So we will just be watching it from the stake center. I´ve never been to a dedication so I don´t even really know what to expect! haha how bad is that, I´m from Utah and have never been to a temple dedication... Idiot!

The hunt for a new house continues, I just never have time to actually look for one and it seems like we are kind of hurt for options in this area. The limit we can spend on a house is $150 a month. Which is a pretty dang nice house here believe it or not! I about died the other night in that stupid house, a cat dropped in from the roof while I was up going to the bathroom half asleep... fell right in front of me and made some crazy sound. I´m sure if anybody saw my reaction they would still be on the ground laughing haha. Well tomorrow we have a zone leaders meeting at presidents house so I'm hoping that my package has already gotten here and that they will bring it.

Well the zone is doing alright, It´s just been a little tough these last couple of weeks having so many new missionaries in the zone, and all three of them gringos with Latin companions haha. The first couple weeks of the mission are pretty crazy living with somebody who doesn't speak your language. There is one elder in particular who is having a pretty tough time with the language, he just can´t understand anybody I feel bad, haha it´s so frustrating. But he´ll get it it´s just a matter of time. So how is everybody doing at home? the ward? Tell Bishop Welling hi for me and that I'm excited to have him as my bishop in a while here. Hey have you guys been looking into to signing me up for school? Make sure you try that for me please I gotta get going when I get home, start getting rich! haha. Well I'm a little behind today and better wrap it up but love you all thanks for everything!!!!! Have a great week, talk to ya later.