Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Changes- May 24, 2010

hey fam!

Well my companion had changes today. My new companion is Elder Pelic√≥ from Guatemala, and has the same amount as my last companion did, practically brand new. He seems to be a real humble guy which is all I wanted really. So im crossing my fingers for this change and im sure it´ll be a good one! It has been a pretty busy week, I have quite a few people that I am teaching right now so that is good. If all goes according to plan should be baptising this guy named Miguel who is 22. We also have quite a few people who are progressing so hopefully we will have a lot of success this change! Im glad that I am still in this area, minus the heat I actually like it quite a bit. I dont think im going to change houses any time soon cause turns out it is a lot tougher to do than i thought. I am going to talk to someone about our electricity bill because it is rediculously higher than it should be... i think somebody is robbing us!

Well sounds like you guys have a craaazy week coming up!! It´s good that everybody is staying busy, that´s always key! So im really excited to get the package that you sent!! It´s going to be awesome to be able to watch all the video im particularly excited for that. I miss those Reid get togethers. Im glad that you guys have been able to spend a lot of time with little Reese! You sent video of her too right? I got Danielle´s letter today but I had already written her one from last week so it is a little out dated.. so tell her I´ll have to write another next week. Speaking of letters.. you guys should be getting something in the mail in the next little while! Im going to be sending off my memory card today! It is the first six months of my mission with some video and stuff included so I think you will all enjoy it. And I reallllly hope it doesn´t get lost haha.

Wow i can´t believe that it snowed .. that´s a joke!! The next time I touch snow will be a good day haha, I can´t even fathom the idea of being cold ever again right now. So Mom you all ready to go on the big trip? Don´t worry about leaving the kids they are all old now, I'm sure nobody is going to throw scissors at anybody.. haha.. who would ever do something like that? not me! Hopefully you guys don´t have any problems with the volcano.. I´ll be sure to pray for ya. Well I gotta go but im glad everybody is doing well, I miss you all a ton and can´t wait to see some video of you all. You filmed it on a different camera this time right? Well love you all wish me luck with my new companion!

love Nick

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Party- May 17, 2010

These Lizards are worth tons of money there (for food)! The Elders "blinged" it out

Birthday party (Nick with Elder Aiono)

Hey fam!

Well my last week of this change.. pretty sweet. This change has gone by pretty fast! the fastest one so far for sure. Nothing too exciting has happened this weekend.. But I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Aiono the other day which was way fun. We went to a member’s house in my ward because it was their son’s birthday. They had a guitar and wanted us to sing and play something so we played and sang I'm yours by jason mraz ha-ha! Yeah I know it really has nothing to do with the church or a birthday for that matter, but it was the only song that we could both play and sing that we could think of. Anyways that was pretty sweet! Afterwards one of the older sons came up to me and asked, "Do you know who John Schmidt is?" I couldn’t believe it! John Schmidt is actually known by members here in El Salvador! I told him that he goes to the same ward building as me and that my little brother is really good friends with his son, so he thought that was pretty cool. He then showed me something waaaaaaaaay sweet song that John Schmidt and some other guy did. It’s called viva la vida meets love story, LOOK IT UP!! that guys amazing.

Well we’re teaching quite a few people right now so that’s good. It’s possible that we could have a couple baptisms at the end of this month! I’m especially hoping for this Cristobel guy, I’ve got to be real good friends with him he’s awesome. He has been reading the book of Mormon and I know he knows it’s true, and when that happens it’s all down hill from there.

Well I can’t believe Brooke and mom are going to Europe on the fifth!! That’s so sweet.. That’ll be awesome I can’t wait to get some pics. You guys are still going to Hawaii right?

That’s insane the Biss is companions with his cousin.. lucky dog!

So I'm sad I missed the baby blessing, I'm glad Ashley did well though. Holy cow mom sounds like your dang busy with your photography! That’s awesome. Watch out dad before you know it mom’s bank account is going to be out doing yours! ha-ha Well I'm runnin out of time and want to send a few pics so love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love nick

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day!!! May 4, 2010

All the Gringos that helped translate

Doctor Larson

Volcanoe behind Nick's house

Hey guys!

Well this week was really busy! We had the multi zone on Tuesday, which went pretty well, nothing too exciting. I didn’t really see anybody that I know, but I got to know a lot of Elders that I didn’t before which is always good. Including that Elder Brummond that you know mom! way cool guy. I got the package! LOVED it. Thanks so much I can’t believe you sent me that many CDs I was way excited. That Showtime CD especially is way good I love it. Way good idea with the honey and peanut butter too! I haven’t been able to have anything like that here and it tastes sooo good! Reminds me of home.

So then on Thursday all the gringos in the zone slept over at My zone leaders which way awsome!! I felt super weird not bein in the presence of a latino, haha first time that has happened in like four months. The next morning we got up early do go to that translating thing that I told you about. It wasn’t what we thought it was going to be, instead there were doctors there from the US and Canada giving free eye exams and giving glasses so we translated for that. It was actually way fun and way eye opening (no pun intended ha-ha). Pretty much half of El Salvador is walking around almost blind I swear. I saw some of the biggest cataracts you could ever imagine! I was with this one doctor the whole time ( 8 straight hours) helping him. I referred at least 50 for surgery because their eyes were so bad it couldn’t just be fixed with surgery. But the surgery is free for them, which is way cool. They still are way skeptical about getting surgery so each time I had to pretty much convince them that it was the best thing too do. Man we are way lucky to have good medical care at the moment we need it! It was way sad. I had to tell one lady that she needed surgery and she started crying saying that she can’t see out of one eye at all and the other eye just barely.. she said she is terrified that she is going to go completely blind and not be able to work. I have never felt so bad the whole time here in my mission! So I hope that she gets the surgery and it all works out for her. But yeah I pretty much just did that the whole day and it actually kind of sparked a little interest for me in the field of optometry.. (ophthalmology) what do you think? I think it’s all pretty coo l!

Get this, one of the main guys that were there lives in Layton and knows Mike! Ask him if he knows a doctor Larsen.. I also have a picture with him that I will send.

Well no news about changing houses or anything, I didn’t have time at all to try and make it happen. So maybe next week! So guess what? I went on divisions with Elder Street on Wednesday ha-ha how crazy is that? I never would have thought in the MTC that I would actually be companions with him in the field for a day.

Well guys I'm way excited to talk to you on Sunday it is going to be awesome!! Everybody should write down some questions that you want to ask or things that you want to say so you don’t forget. Talk to you in 6 days! yaaaay!

Love nick