Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow -December 15th

Thanks so much for the package, I can't wait to get a package everyday from now until Christmas!! You guys are the best. Alright so this week went by suuuuper fast! On sunday for our devotional the BYU men's chorus came and put on a little program, it was so good. I miss choir! Their last song they sung was called something like "who is that in yonder stall".. that might not be exactly it but anyways It's one of the best christmas type songs I've ever heard so If it is possible is there any way you could send me that song somehow on a cd? I would love it. So the snow just keeps comin! has it been pretty bad at home? It was so funny the other day it just got done snowing way hard and I looked outside of my window while sitting it class and there were a bunch of latino elders who clearly had never seen snow before making a huge snowman haha it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, they were so excited! So after class I went outside and talked to them for a while. I love talking speaking spanish to latino elders whenever ever I can even though I dont know a ton it's such good practice and It really shows you where you are at in your spanish. Anyways it turned out that one of those elders is from El Salvador and I talked to him about it for a while. It made me so excited it sounds soooo sick! He told me a few stories that would probably make Mom and Dad a little worried so I'll just keep those to myself.. haha but nah I'll be fine.  Our teacher who went to Argentina was talking to us last night and giving us tips on street smarts and how to stay out of trouble and I really don't think it's going to be a huge issue... I just need to use common sense and be smart.

So the other day while playing basketball Elder Dennis sprained his ankle pretty bad (yeah that's right I crossed him over so bad I broke his ankles!) haha just kidding he just came down on it weird but its still super swollen and bruised and stuff so we might have to take a trip to the hospital here in a couple days to get it looked at... so that should be a good time! I'm always down for getting out of the MTC haha. Speaking of injuries, Nate was playing basketball on his P-Day (which is against the rules) and he broke his hand pretty bad so I think he might be getting into a little bit of trouble haha poor guy.

So we start teaching our lessons completely in Spanish next week... I'm terrified! But way excited at the same time. Brooke told me Grandpa fell the other day.. is he okay? I hope so. you'll have to tell both of them hi for me. I can't believe there is only 10 days until Christmas!! It doesn't feel like it at all.. I really hope President Monson comes! I think he will... if not then Uchedorf would be awesome! So I've been reading Jesus The Christ a lot lately and it is such a sweet book holy crap I can't believe I had never read it before now!! I know dad has read itso Mom and Brooke if you guys haven't read it I would highly encourage doing so. Well Im sure I'm leaving some stuff out but it's really hard to remember stuff that happens during the week.. the days just all blend together haha so I'm sorry. But I plan on replying to Moms and Dads and Brookes letters so plan on that tomorrow or the next day! I love you all and hope everybody is doing alright. Thanks again for all your love and support, I'm way lucky to have such an amazing family!! Hope to hear from you soon,


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