Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nick's First Letter- November 24th

Hello everyone!! so listen to this. i just got done writing this email for a whole half hour(our elotted time) and i wasn't paying attention and ran out of time so it just exited me out and i lost everything.... SO devistating. luckily the staff was pretty understanding so they let me have another half hour so i'll do it again! I've made it a week! I wont lie to you guys... its been the longest week of my life. The first couple of days were so hard... you're just not used to being so spirutal 24/7 plus you are constantly just working and working and working plus missing everyone a ton and realizing wow... this is for real, added up to be some of the toughest couple of days of my life! But the legend of the "hang in there until sunday" myth is very true. I got to sunday and just felt a ton better about everything and just started to be happier and not as depressed and everyday has just been getting better and better so im really looking forward to this week. Mom and Dad thanks so much for the packages!!! i loved them. Alright so first off... my companion. His name is Elder Street.. and well.. let's just say dealing with him has been one of the biggest tests of patience i've ever had. wow. we are just so different and like he just all the time is trying to prove that he is somehow more spiritual or knows more about the gospel than me. way prideful. no bueno. But i'll stop bashing on him he's a hard worker so that's good. i think the lord knew that i really couldn't last this MTC with him so another Elder in my district got moved into advanecd spanish (he is latino) and so his companion joined me and Elder Street to make a threesome. THANK goodness. His name is Elder Dennis and he is a really cool kid, he has probably saved me this last week. Thanks everyone so much for the letters i seriously love getting them i really look forward to it.

The food is okay... i liked it a lot the first couple of days but it's alright getting very old. so i love when you send stuff. I'm loving learning and speaking spanish its so fun. Like you said dad it is pretty intense but my teachers are really patient and good at what they do so its all good. This is still all pretty surreal. Alright well im almost out of time again and don't want to make the same mistake as last time so I love you all and miss you all a ton! Feel free to send me dear elders whenever you feel like, i love getting them. I'm off to the temple now. hope to hear from you soon!

Love Nick

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