Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! December 22nd

Heeeeeey fam! I can't believe Christmas is on Friday... if it wasn't for Mom's amazing packages it definitely wouldn't feel like it at all! Seriously though thank you so much for the packages I have loved every single one of them! I got the bagels yesterday those were a hit haha my district says thank you and Josh Bastian says thank you for the salsa and for the bagels (We pretty much just have a feast every night before we go to bed) haha he can always count on me getting somethin sweet from you guys. You're the best! Tell Grandma thank you so much for the sugar cookies they were SO good! they were gone within a day haha and they stayed soft for that whole time.

So this week as been pretty intense. Every week we have a LGM (large group meeting) where pretty much a couple zones get together and are taught by someone and we just talk about different stuff, but anyways this week it was taught by a man you looked and sounded EXACTLY like Bill Murray.. no joke! I was so tempted to just raise my hand and say "I think he can hear you ray", or "back of man.... I'm a scientist". haha so I went up to him after the meeting and was like has anyone ever told you that you look and sound just like Bill Murray? And he was like, "yeah almost everyday" haha he taught a really good lesson though, anyways I thought you'd enjoy that. So somethin kinda cool happened last Wednesday we all had to teach a lesson to one of the teachers that work in the MTC, and me and Elder Dennis taught a teacher and it went really well and afterward she told us that we taught the best lesson she had ever heard from missionaries in the MTC! how sweet is that?! haha that gave us a little confidence booster, which was immediately shot down the next day when we started having to do everything completely in Spanish.

Tomorrow we have to teach the first lesson in Spanish.. I'm way excited but pretty nervous. I think we're prepared though so we'll see how that goes. Also I've been making some calls in the RC (referral center) to people who only speak Spanish so that's been pretty dang sweet! It's way scary but I pretty much just follow a script which isn't too bad but then when they say something back that's when it can get pretty tough especially over the phone, but it went a lot better than I thought! I love it. Me and elder Dennis also blessed the sacrament in Spanish last Sunday! I didn't have to say it over again which is good, I got pretty lucky. So yeah the point of all that being we're really having to start diving into the language now which makes for pretty stressful/rewarding weeks.

So guess what? I've gained 8 lbs so far being here! I'm more than half way through so im thinking by the time I leave i'll be up to about 15 lbs total. But no worries I don't think it's bad weight I do push ups and sit ups every night so hopefully it's good weight that I'm putting on. So Blake and Cathleen sent me a Christmas card. You'll have to tell them thanks for me and that I really enjoyed it. The twins are pretty dang cute! Mom I haven't been able to listen to that talk you sent me yet I've been so busy but Im going to have some extra time today because the temple is closed so Im going to listen to it here in a bit.

So have you guys ever heard of Stephen B. Allen? He came and talked to us on Sunday and I love him I would highly recommend looking him up he gave an amazing talk and he is way funny. So I'm pretty sure an apostle is coming tonight! I’m not sure which one.. but I'll find out here in 9 and a half hours. I can't wait! I also can't wait to see who speaks on Friday.. it'll be so awesome. So I'm going to be able to write all of you guys on Christmas so that's why I'm not really saying anything to anyone in specific cause you can all expect letters from me sometime soon!

So I talked to this guy from El Salvador who is a teacher here. It got me soooo pumped! He said "Dude... you are gonna have the best mission" he said that they eat these lizards that are like two feet long and he says they are amazing haha we'll see... he also said that we will be living in very poor conditions, which I expected, and he also said that it is hotter on the East side than on the West side. Well I'm running out of time here so I better go but like I said I am going to be able to write you guys on Christmas so expect some letters! I love you all hope you have an amazing Christmas and a good rest of the week! p.s. have you guys gone skiing yet?

Love Nick

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