Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Freezing! -December 8th

Hey fam!! Well I've made it another week! It's so weird to think that just one more week and I will have been here for a month... crazy! Thank you so much for the little Christmas package you sent me I love it!! It definitely made my ugly room a lot nicer haha everyone loves it. Mom thanks so much for the blanket I was acutally going to ask you for a blanket because the heater in our room is broken and I swear I can see my breath in the morning haha it makes it a lot harder to wake up! So yeah thanks for that I love it. You aren't going overboard on the packages I love getting them so send as many as you please!

So spanish is going pretty well. It's getting way tough though we're getting into some crazy stuff. Dad you told me that I will learn a ton about English grammar while learning a language and you were so right, I think I have learned more about English while I've been here than when I was in highschool! haha. So how much snow did you guys get there? It has been snowing in provo for like the past three days straight! There is a ton and it's making me want to snowboard way bad haha.

So I had quite the experience yesterday that I think you'll enjoy hearing. K so Elder Dennis ripped his suit and it's the only one he has and we are supposed to wear a suit 24/7 here and so we went to the lady to see how we were supposed to get it fixed really fast so she gave us this little pass that allowed us to go outside of the MTC grounds and we walked quite a ways up the street into the outside world to a seamstress place!! I felt so rebelious! haha it was so weird just being out and about. Everyone was honking and waving and when we went in there everyone was super extra nice haha I felt like royalty! It all lasted for about 45 minutes then we went back.. but it was fun while it lasted that's for sure! I kept thinking I'd see somebody I know but it never happened haha.

Ok so I just realized that I have never really told you about my district I forget everytime! so here you go. There is Elder Dennis and he is from Alaska. Elder marchant and Elder Ramsay who is from Colorado. Elder Stapleton from Washington and Elder DelMarcado from vegas. Elder Street is from Richfield with Elder King from Manti. Elder Carlson from Vegas with Elder Mays from Cottonwood. So there you go! Everybody in my whole district is going to my same mission except for elder Carlson and Mays, they are going to Guatemala. Speaking of Elder King... he reminds me SO much of Ashley it's so hilarious! Just some of the things he says and the way he acts.

So how was "the maddox" with grandma and grandpa? You'll have to tell her happy birthday for me! So guess who has written me like three times while I've been here? Uncle Nate! If you happen to talk to him or see him tell him thanks a lot. He says not to write back cause he knows I'm busy so you'll just have to tell him for me.

It's pretty crazy how much I've learned here already. Not just language and stuff but about the gospel. I always thought that the church was just pretty simple and straightforward but I'm looking at a lot of things in a different light and learning a ton about how the spirit works, It's pretty awesome stuff. It's hard to distinguish days here because I do pretty much the same thing everyday haha. On Sunday we got to watch the Christmas devotional thing that the first presidency puts on every year. It was awesome! Did you guys get a chance to watch it? If not you should look it up. President Monson seems kind of down.. I'm assuming it's because of his wife, I feel bad for him. Dad is he still at the hospital quite a bit? Well I'm almost out of time so I've gotta go but I love you all!! I miss home a lot and think about you guys often, but I love the work that I'm doing. Hope to hear from you soon, have a great week!!

Love Nick

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