Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Fam- December 1st

Hey everyone!! Wow this week has gone by pretty dang fast. It really has flown since Sunday. In the past week we have listened to TWO apostles speak! Elder Oaks spoke to us on Tuesday which was really good and then I'll tell you about the other one in a minute. But I have some GREAT news. Ok here's the story. So you know Elder Dennis came into our companionship? Ok well he was having a REALLY hard time with Elder street. Like worse than me by far, he really couldn't take it. So one night he just lost it at him at they got into a big fight and Elder Street said some pretty harsh things so Elder Dennis stormed out and talked to the zone and leaders and the zone leaders talked to our branch president. Anyways long story short The next day we get a call down to his office and he told us that there was a new Elder he was going to put into our district, Elder King, and so Elder Street was going to be his new companion.. so.... Im now just with Elder Dennis!! happiest day of my life haha. Things got SO much better ever since I can't even describe it to you. It is still hard.. but that took such a load off. So life is good. I love Elder Dennis. So about Thanksgiving, it was alright. The food was pretty good! But now all the food is just starting to taste the same no matter what it is.. the package you guys sent me on thanksgiving has saved my life haha no joke I absolutely loved it!! It had everything that I love in it, you guys know me pretty well. But anyways in the morning there was a devotional and guess who it was?! Elder Holland! It was so awesome he is an incredible man. Dad it's funny that you sent me that talk that Elder Holland gave because that was like just a couple days after I heard him speak so it was way cool. So later that day the whole MTC did a huge service project putting together food kits and stuff like that for kids in Africa. We watched a movie on it before it was way sad... so it made me feel good to help out. let's see what else... oh yeah. Saturday was probably the worst day of the mission so far I could hear the crowd from the BYU game way well and it made me way home sick.. it was horrible. Plus when I heard the outcome of the game it made it even worse haha. But its alright Sunday was awesome!

Well we are started to get pretty in depth with Spanish.. it's way tough. I love it though, I've got Joseph Smith's first vision memorized en Espanol! Oh yeah one more thing that was cool, When Elder Oaks came to speak the choir ( I joined the MTC choir.. i love it) we sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. It was so awesome probably one of the best moments so far! It was so nice to have some music in my life. Here at the MTC we can't even listen to hymns because they don't want it getting to loud in the rooms with people competing to hear their music...? Weird I know... but I've just learned to not ask questions haha. Anyways it's really nice to finally be starting to get into the swing of things. Me and Elder Dennis have been practicing teaching and it's incredible how strong the spirit can be when you are just teaching pretend investigators.

So here's a cool story, there is like a call center type thing here that people can call into from the number that is on like the LDS commercials, so they can ask questions or order Bibles or BOM'S or just get the chat room things and us missionaries run it! So I was taking some calls and I pretty much taught this lady the whole first discussion. She was this way southern lady from North Carolina and she has received a Book Of Mormon and promises to read and pray about it, it felt so cool! So that was fun. Well I've met a lot of cool people here and have gotten really close with a lot of people. We will be getting a new district tomorrow I'm way excited! I can't wait to feel older and more experienced than someone haha even though I've only been here for two weeks... it feels like I'm pretty seasoned! Well I'm almost out of time, I love you all and you'll be getting letters later tonight! Hope you all have a good week.

Love Nick

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