Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting ready for conference! September 26, 2011

Hey fam,
How`s everyone doing? Sounds like everything is normal in the Reid house (Well relatively.... when I left Josh definitely wasn`t going to homecoming dance`s, Adam wasn`t doing backflips on a wake-board, Justin wasn`t saying things like "kenady will look very nice, which is very nice for me", Brooke wasn`t taking casual weekend trips to park city and buying condos, oh yeah and Reese didn`t even exist!)

Everything is going well here, just getting geared up for General Conference! I`m excited to say the least. We already have two for sure baptismal dates for the 10th of October, Vilma and Edgardo. The zone is going to baptize a TON in October. Every area has people. Well I had a good experience the other day. When I was here before in Buena Vista, the whole six weeks we were visiting a family named Quinteros who were inactive for quite a while. The Dad served a mission here in El Salvador and the mom was even born into the church. For a lot of personal reasons, they had justified inactivating. Anyways, we went over there quite a bit and had some really good lessons with them and everytime thought that that week they would be going to church.. but never did. Very frustrating. Well when I came back, I found they there were active and going to church and activities and everything! We went over to their house and I said jokingly "How is it that I spend two months begging you guys to come to church, and then when I leave you start going?!" haha well the Dad explained that when I left ( I didn`t tell them that I was leaving) the family started saying hey why haven`t the missionaries been coming over? And I guess it started to bug them and really missed it. So he told me one day they were at home and the dad said "let`s go look for Elder Reid at the church". Well long story short they went to look for me to find out that I had left, but because they went to the church it ended up reactivating them. And now I`m back! So that was good to see and hear.

Well I now have a for sure date... November 25th.. the day after Thanksgiving. But at least we now know for sure! It`ll be good though, Thanksgiving day we will have interviews with president, we`ll go to the temple, and he`ll take us out to dinner. Well next Wednesday I`m turning 21! Pretty crazy. I`m starting to get a little stressed out about it all haha what am I gonna do?! Where do I work? What do I study? WHERE do I study? What do I do so I don`t freeze to death when I get home?

So how`s the ward doing? Justin says that the Besinger boy came home for New York, how did that all go for him? That is still pretty crazy to me. That`s sad about Kit`s friend... tell her I`m sorry. The other day our cook`s husband was watching footage and a little documentary about the war here... pretty brutal. Just a group of common men with machine guns fighting againts the military. The weirder part is that I recongnized a lot of the places and really nothing much has changed since then in terms of how the houses look and the streets and all that. I`ve never really known the story behind it all but I defintely want to read about it when I get home. It`s hard to gather information here from the people because half of them were on the side of the governement and the other half with the revolutionists.. so yeah they both have there side of the story haha.
Well other than that everything is good here. Still lots of rain! But still brutally hot. Love you all, thanks for everything, have a great week!


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