Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Conference, October 3, 2011

Hey fam,
Well another sweet October conference! I enjoyed it as it sounds like you guys did as well. I love conference. It was cool to here President Monson mention the dedication down here, even if he really didn't say much about it haha. I enjoyed his talk a lot on Saturday, as well and as the Elder from Japan and Callister who talked about the Book of Mormon. Really good talk! Elder Uchtdorfs talk was also really cool. I liked when he was explaining the creation and said "compared to God, man is nothing; but to God, man is everthing". All those guys are studs! I was able to watch all of the sessions except for one (the Sunday morning session) in English so that was way nice. We should all go to a live session in April!

Well this weekend we should have two baptisms. Edgar and Vilma. Edgar is going to get married on Saturday with his future wife (a member), and Vilma is a nice humble 27 year old women who has been coming for a couple of months now. So pray so that they both go through!
Everything is going well here. I've got pretty much this whole week lined up with birthday dinners, haha the members here are great. The package is actually in the office waiting for me! I have a zone leaders council tomorrow with President so hopefully he brings it. I'm sure he will. I can't believe it's already October.... time is flying. The fact that I'm coming home blows my mind. You guys will have to go to Adam Jones' farewell for me and tell me how it goes! Also Tyler Cheney comes home this next week and Travis Parrish is already home! It's going to be great to have all the boys back. How are my school papers coming? Good good? Sounds like the weather has been pretty cool there... speaking of which I was probably colder than I have been for two years today! We went to the volcanoe, it was awesome. I'll be sending some pictures. Right about as we were wrapping up being there, it starting POURING. haha so everybody was pretty freezing especially since the volcanoe is pretty cold in comparison to the rest of the country. We went to the crater and it was HUGE! Supposedly there was an eruption in 1917, and that was the last time. Now it's just all green. It was a good time though I think everbody was pretty happy.

How are the grandparents doing? Grandpa didn't come down to go to the priesthood session did he? Tell them I say hi. I shot them a quick email last week, but who knows how often they check that kind of thing. What about Grandma Kirkbride? Tell her I say hi as well, that house is still holding up isn't it? Well sorry a bit short this week but I don't have much time this week since we are getting back a bit late from the volcanoe. Love you all thanks for everything!! Have a great week.

Love Nick

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