Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stake Conference, September 12, 2011

Dear Fam, Hey guys how`s everybody doing? Sounds like another normal week at the Reid house. This week went pretty well, yesterday was stake conference which was really good. All great speakers: The temple president and his wife, President Glazier and his wife, first counseler of the stake presidency, Elder Martino (the seventy) and the stake President Menjivar. He`s a stud, best stake president that I have had my whole mission, and really young too. He will without a doubt soon be a mission president. Elder Martino always does an awesome job and is good at knowing the needs of the people, motivating them, and telling them what they need to hear. We were able to take quite a few investigadors as well. We took a family named Peraza, whose dad does all the maintanance for all the church pianos in the whole country! He just happens to live in my area and I found him a couple weeks ago knocking doors. Really nice family, and pretty well off. So that was good that they showed up! Tomorrow we have the Multi Zone, and some elders and sisters from my zone will be singing "Nearer my God to Thee". There was a baptism on Saturday so to practice we all sang that song at the baptism. Right after the song a sister was assigned to give a talk and had to take about 5 minutes to compose herself so she could talk haha, she said "I don`t think there can be a dry eye in the croud hearing that song sung so beautifully by God`s angels". So that was nice. It just so happens that President Glazier and his wife went to the baptism as well, and they said they definitely approve the song for the Multi zone haha. Although I just found out that because of time conflicts with Elder Martino there will just be two multi zones for the whole mission, so that means we will be singing for half the mission! Freak!!!
So how has the weather been lately? I remember you guys telling me that it has been extremely hot.. has it calmed down at all? Starting to feel like fall at all? Fall and Spring are definitely the best times of the year. Hey so guess what I just found out? Dad operated on the Grandpa of a sister that is in my zone just a few weeks ago! Her last name is Jones. I don`t know if that is the last name of the man that dad operated on but I think so. She was the sister that went to buena vista when they took my out, and last transfer we had the same cook so we ate with them everyday. Small world huh?! I jokingly told her that she totally owes me because my dad saved her grandpas life haha.
This thursday we have a zone leaders meeting with Elder Martino.... and now that a lot of the zones only have one zone leader that means it`s going to be like 12 of us missionaries with president and Elder Martino... yikes. haha, no I'm excited though it`ll be awesome I`m sure. Well I have some cool pictures Im going to send to you guys so I better go. Love you all, thanks for all your support! Have a great week! Nick

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