Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Multi Zone- September 19, 2011

Sister Glazier making pupusas

President and Sister Glazier

Hey guys, Well this week has been pretty good. On Tuesday we had the multi zone meeting with elder Martino, and it was really good. That guy`s a stud. He was coming down on everyone a bit for the lack of priesthood baptisms and ordinations to the Melchizedek priesthood, but they added on at the end that Zone Cuscatlán was actually doing pretty well in that category, so that was nice and made all of us in the zone feel pretty good haha. And then on Thursday we had a Zone leader Counsel meeting with Elder Martino as well. It was really cool because it was a lot more personal. Only about 14 missionaries, President and his wife, Elder Martino and his wife. We set some good goals for the mission and received a lot of good instruction. It was pretty funny/impressive to see Elder Martino`s wife there with him. They live in Guatemala and have for quite a while now, even though his wife barely speaks any Spanish at all. I can`t imagine having to be the wife of an authority of the church, who is assigned to Central America, following him around hearing nothing but Spanish all day (including whatever type of meeting or church meeting), and not understanding hardly anything or being able to chime in or express yourself. Now that`s a supportive wife! haha. Well general conference is coming up here soon. I`m way excited. When I get back we have to go to a live session of general conference in April! I love hearing those guys talk, and we`ve got them 15 minutes away! It`s pretty funny, whenever I tell members that I live close to Salt Lake, the first thing that they ask me is "have you ever been to a general conference?!" For a lot of them it is a life goal to see the Salt Lake temple and go to a general conference. Then a couple days later I turn 21... I liked your comment dad, "maybe you can splurge and have a coke". haha that wouldn't be too bad of a birthday present actually! But I guess I can`t wait a couple more months and enjoy it more on the plane haha. Speaking of which, they have been some difficulties in finding flights for the 24th... which I knew there would be... so it`s probable that I`ll come home a couple days earlier. But we`ll see, maybe they`ll just send me home a week later? I`ll keep you posted. I sent that card of today Mom, so let me know if you get it. Well everything is going well here, we should have a few baptisms coming up here in the next couple of weeks. We should be baptizing a man named Edgardo who is the husband of a less active member who we have recently activated. And a women named Vilma who about 4 weeks ago just showed up to church all by herself, and has gone every week since. She`s great. We had a mission activity in my ward on Thursday (independence day for El Salvador), and my stake president invited President Glazier. He actually showed up! haha him and his wife. Sister Glazier learned how to make pupusas, it was hilarious. She`s probably the nicest lady I have ever met! So yeah I`ll have to send you a picture of that. Other than that all is well en la tierra de El Salvador. Hope you all have a good week!!! love you. Nick

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