Monday, February 8, 2010

Going Good! -February 8, 2010

Well i´ve made it three weeks. time is starting to go a little fast now that im getting into a rythem of things and getting to know people a lot more. Well this week has been pretty good, we had a multi zone meeting where I got to see elder dennis and elder marchant, I didn´t even know they were going to be there so I was way stoked! So I guess Elder Dennis got to kill a pig at a members house and for some reason thought it would be ok to eat it after, so he got really really sick for the first week or so haha he was telling me some details but I won´t put you through the agony,I'll just let you use your imagination! Also Elder Delmarcado who was in my district in the MTC is in the hospital I guess he has been really sick the whole time... I feel bad for him. I can´t believe I haven´t gotten sick it all! It made me feel way lucky. Elder Marchant is doing well, he was really homesick at first, and still is, but it´s getting better for him. It was really nice to talk to them because we all found out that each of us had pretty much the exact same struggles and worries about the mission right now so it made us realize that it is normal and that it will get better.

So I finally got some letters delivered to me by the Zone Leaders and I was all stoked ready to rip them open.. and then... I realized that they were all letters that were supposed to be sent to me in the MTC but were just sent to El Salvador on accident. haha freak! I got a Dear Elder from Brooke and from Amie and I got a Christmas card from President maybe with 10 bucks in it!! I couldn´t believe he spends ten dollars on each missionary... we have like 50 in our stake! what a stud. But then the last one I opened was from Mom that was actually supposed to be sent here, so that made me way happy, thanks Mom!! So I´m going to try and send you guys a couple voice clip things with that recorder we got before I left, so hopefully it works! one is for the fam and the other is of Elder Montoya speaking to Dad so you can see how different it is. He actually kept it pretty simple, so just know he speaks a lot faster than that!

Well nothing too exciting has happened this week. You guys wanted to know if I feel safe and everthing here, and the answer is yes. There hasn´t really even been a time where I didn´t feel safe so no worries. Although the other night we were talking to some people and all the sudden I heard five gun shots.... about 5 pasajes away, so that was the first time where I was looking over my back the rest of the night. I actually found out the next day that three people died from it. pretty crazy! But really don´t worry Im safe and smart here.

Well Spanish is coming along a lot better, I´m pretty much able to understand the jist of what everybody is saying. Cool story, we were knocking doors and I was talking to this lady and she asked me where I was from, so I asked her to guess, and she guessed Spain!! haha I was pretty stoked. Even though the whole door approach is definitely what I know best in Spanish so if our conversation went into depth any further she would easily be able to tell that I don´t speak Spanish very well, it still made me feel good haha. Thank you guys for your emails, I feel bad that I never really have time to Email each of you back personally, but I figure that you like to get a couple of pictures each week so I´m going to have to hand write some letters soon and send them. I´m excited to get your packages!! I have no idea how long it will take, I´ll have to let you know. So the Saints won the Super bowl... that´s too bad! haha Adam I would have rooted for the Colts as well bro. It sounds like it´s just normal life at the Reid house, keep me updated on what each of you are up to and what not. It´s so good to hear from you guys I look forward to it every week. Well I´m gonna try and send the voice clip and some pictures now so I´ll talk to you guys next week! love you all.
Love Nick

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