Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baptism Possibilities! Feb 22, 2010

Hey fam!!

Well this time next week it’s possible that I will be in another area with a different companion! But it’s also possible that I will be in the same area with the same companion haha so we’ll see. Well I know that you have all been concerned about my rash so I’ll start of by saying that it’s on the mend!! It doesn’t itch badly anymore and it looks like it is starting to heal. I called the mission nurse and she gave my some pills to take to take away the itching. It did the job, but unfortunately made me feel kind of crappy.. but oh well at least it worked. Thank you for all your prayers I know they helped!

Well this week has been pretty good, not too much news with the Ramos family, but last night we dropped the "baptism bomb" on them and told them to pray and ask God if getting baptized this Saturday is the right thing to do, and they all said they would. Some are more hesitant than others, but I think at least most of them will be baptized this Saturday. Also the sister of Alex (the guy I baptized) has decided to get married, so she can now get baptized this Saturday as well!! So if all goes as planned, we’ll have a really good last day of the transfer. Mom thanks a ton for the pictures you sent of Danielle’s shower, I loved seeing everyone! looks like it was a good time.

I forgot to tell you Brooke that I got your letter last week thanks a lot! I also got a dear elder from Danielle and from Kim this past Wednesday so its looking like they are taking about ten days to get here. not bad! Interviews with president Pèrez went well, pretty short and simple so yeah its all good! He complimented me on my Spanish, so that was a relief! Josh, Brooke, Adam, and Dad thanks a ton for the Olympic updates, it sounds like I missed out on a freakin sweet week! I can’t believe Shaun White has been doing that well, I can’t wait to see that new trick it sounds sooooo sick. And what the heck where did Bode Miller come from?! That’s awesome that he is making a comeback, what a stud. Josh freakin captain of the wrestling team that’s right baby!! do me proud, I wish I could be at your matches. Adam sounds like your doin solid in school, keep it up! you better do better than I did haha but that’s not too hard. What else have you been up to bro? What about Justin I didn’t hear anything from him! Mom thanks a lot for your letter I really enjoyed it, I had never heard that story of your friend that’s so sweet! I'm hoping the whole ripple effect will be able to happen here in El Salvador. Also thanks a ton for the updates of my friends, sounds like they are all doin well. Joe is speaking English right?

So I don’t have much to tell you about this week other than I’ve discovered EVERYBODY that we visit wants help with their English homework haha I was at a members house and the daughter wanted help with some stuff, and it’s sooo hard to explain why we do certain stuff in English! It really is a way weird language. I’m glad I already speak it haha. Well everything is going well I'm doing fine and getting pretty comfortable here. Thanks for all your love and support everybody I really appreciate it. I'm gonna send some pictures now! love you all


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