Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost 1 Month in the Country- Feb 15, 2010

Hey Fam!

Well I’ve almost been here a month now. In some ways it seems like forever and in others it has seemed pretty fast! This week has been pretty good, with one exception.. I have this really bad rash/infection type thing on my arms and hands that itches like crazy! I’ve had it for about two weeks now and it just keeps getting worse and worse and I haven’t been sleeping well because of it so we’re going to call the mission nurse and see if she can get me some sort of medicine for it, so hopefully that’ll help!

That’s so sweet that the Olympics have started, that makes me so jealous! that’s like my favorite type of the year, especially the winter Olympics. Sounds like there has already been some drama with it.. That’s way sad about that guy from Georgia. You guys will have to keep me updated on all of that please!

Well I realize I haven’t been the best at answering questions in my emails so I’ll try and answer all the ones that I can remember. The most unusual thing I have eaten here is like a bird membrane in a soup.. haha nasty. Usually though my meals consist of beans rice and eggs and tortillas. I don’t get to hear much at all of what is going on in the world.. once and a while I’ll see something on the TV but that’s about it. I have heard however a new song by that chick that was on American Idol..? sounded pretty good! of course my vision might be a little skewed because I heard that titanic song the other day by Celine Dion and was lovin it haha. There isn’t a set time of when you get transferred.. it’s different for everybody. Elder Montoya has been in the same area for 3 transfers so like 4 and a half months and others get transferred after a single transfer so who knows! I’m getting nervous as to where I'm going to go or if I'm going to stay and who my new companion is going to be. I haven’t heard from any of my friends.. I want to know how they are doing so if you hear anything let me know!

Dad on P-days we usually get together as a zone and play soccer, and once and a while we’ll go and eat.. but everyone always says they don’t have money so we just write at an internet cafe that costs like a dollar for an hour and go into the city for a while which is always fun! So how was skiing with all those guys from your work? that sounds way fun! did you have good conditions?

Well this past week we have been working with this family that I’m pretty sure is going to get baptized sometime here in the near future so keep your fingers crossed for that! It hasn’t been as hot this week so that is good, I can’t believe that it says it’s only 80!! it’s gotta be more... what part of the country are you looking at? So Brooke have you found a job yet? or just lovin the life of freedom? haha eh just take a break for a while. Well we have interviews with the President this Wednesday so that should be fun.. ha I’m kind of nervous I don’t know why. Well I’m going to send some pictures here in a sec so I’ll talk to you guys more a little later!! Love and miss you all. Have a great week

love Nick

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