Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Baptism -February 1, 2010

Hey everyone!! well ive got two weeks down. this week has still been really tough but i have some great news, this past saturday i had my first baptism! His name is Alex and his mom and a few other members of his family got baptised a couple months ago but he didn´t want to but we finally convinced him. I actually baptised him!! It was so awesome.. they don´t have the little cheat sheet in the font so i had to memorize the prayer, luckily it is pretty easy so i didn´t have to do it twice haha. it was a really good experience though he was so happy after and i know he knew it was the right thing to do. i´m going to send you guys a pic of it so hopefully you get it.

So I´ve had a bunch of funny experiences this week, but here are just a few.. we go over to Alex´s house quite a bit cause there are still quite a few people in the house who haven´t been baptised, (to be honest i dont even know what child belongs to who and who is the grandma and who is the daughter and blah blah blah haha there are so many people living in this tiny house) anyways i was there and one of the daughters who is 15 asked me if i had any brothers, and i said yes three. and then she said "do any of them have the same color of eyes as you? they are really pretty" haha! so i showed her a picture of josh and adam and all the little teeny boppers in the house we very impressed, so boys if you need me to hook you up down here just let me know! haha alright next topic.

Things are very different around here concerning privacy and what not... the other day we were teaching a lesson to this lady and she had a little two year old and right in the middle of the lesson she just started breastfeeding her with no effort to cover up whatsoever.. yeah... haha you see that quite a bit down here. and then one day we had been knocking doors for a looong time and it was SO hot and we came to the last house of the colonial and this guy answered and was like hey please come on in!! I was thinking one of those classic mission stories was about to go down, but i was very wrong. haha we started talking to him a little bit and just wanted to bash our church and then started going off on how he hates americans. he asked, "who do you think has the most problems, a man like me who has nothing, or a guy like you from america who has everything?" yeah we left pretty shortly after that haha. Our area is acutally one of the hardest areas in the whole mission, people aren´t too nice and very stubborn. But its all good!

So the food still isn´t too bad, the other night we went and got pupusas and i bought 4 of them and a really reallllly good fruit drink and guess how much it cost? 1.30! sweet huh? We have a women in the ward cook breakfast and lunch for us and she is really close to our house so that´s good. We are pretty much just on our own for dinner.. I think i´ve lossed all the weight of the MTC already. So about our living conditions, its a very poor area like you said Dad so our house isn´t very nice obviously but i think it could definitely be worse. we don´t have hot water or anything to cook on so we just buy a lot of snacks. i´ll try to send you a pic of my room. thanks so much for your emails everybody i loved reading them, i miss you guys a ton and got pretty teary eyed reading them but i had to fight, i can´t be cryin in front of all these elders! haha let´s see what else was i going to tell you...this week has been better with understanding people a little better, and im getting better with understanding montoya (you killed my father, prepare to die). p.s i can´t believe utah´s air quality has been so bad... that´s gross. It has been SO hot here... i am constanty sooo tired. what can i do about that? seriously im constantly fighting shutting my eyes all day, its no good. Brooke you´re finally learning to drive a stick?! freak why didn´t you learn while i was there! haha that´s sweet though don´t worry its not hard. have you found a new job yet? thanks for your email justin! how´s school? how did basketball end up going? well i dont have much more time but i love and miss you all and would definitely like some actually letters as well, some pictures too! sorry this email has been grammatically horrible this keyboard is way weird along with me learning spanish is not a good combo haha. well I hope to hear from you guys soon! have a great week!

love Nick

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