Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Halloween, Monday Oct 31st

Dear Fam,

Well during the week I always sort of forget that I'm going home soon, or it at least doesn't seem as real, and then Monday comes around and I read your guys' email and remember "wow....... I guess I am coming home soon.." haha. Don't build it up too big in your mind's guys, I'll get home and you will all realize hey... it's just the same old Nick... with a few changes I guess haha. It's all pretty weird that's all I can say!
Well Vilma got baptized on Saturday! We went over to her house the other day and she was way flustered so we asked her what was wrong and she told us that some robbers got on her bus and robbed a bunch of people. She said that had happened to her twice before and both times they had robbed her. They got on and one guy didn't want to give anything so they hit him pretty good. They went to the back of the bus where Vilma was seated, and passed right by her. She said she can feel such a difference now that she has been praying and reading the book of Mormon, and she's certain that God protected her that time because of it. Long story short.. DUNKED ON SATURDAY! :) Another cool thing with our investigator Alex Preza. We were in a lesson with him and the week before at church the principles of the gospel class was on fasting and fast offerings. Anyways at the end of the lesson later that week I asked him if he had any questions and he said "yeah can you help me on Sunday know how to do the whole fast offering thing? I fasted this week so I could get a lend for another bus for work, and it worked." First time I've had an investigator fast before being baptized, stud!

Well other than that everything is pretty normal. It has been burning hot these last couple of days... it went from nice and cool and raining to scorching. We played soccer this morning and I am so burned haha.
Sounds like everybody had a good time at the old family reunion. I'm excited to have another one and see how everybody has changed. From the picture you sent of the adults, looks like everybody has aged pretty well in the last couple of years! congrats! haha.

Yeah let me know when the Bishop tells you about the talk... that would be kind of nice to know. I remember one time a missionary came home and talked about food storage.. haha. Oh I forgot to say that I got the package! Man Reese is huuuuuge! I about died laughing on the video when she was saying "joooosh!" haha so cute. I liked all the things in the package and have already given a few of them away so thanks! Well I'll send some of those pics. Thanks for everything! Love you all have a great week.

Love Nick

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