Friday, November 11, 2011

2 more weeks! Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear fam,
Hey guys, just wrapping up a pretty darn good p-day. We went to the temple in the morning at about 9 O clock, for the first time in about two years! It was way nice. I almost forgot how great the temple is. It was cool to see and feel the difference between when I was there doing the open house and now that it is actually dedicated. It is a real, tangible difference. President was there with us, but unfortunately Sister Glazier was sick. It was also really cool to do it in Spanish! There were a lot of things that I didn´t really pick up on in English or I guess were just clearly or better worded in Spanish, I don´t know hard to explain but it was good. I´m going to be able to go back with all the Elders that are going home and president again on the 23rd so I´m looking forward to it and am glad I´ll be able to go one more time. Then afterwards we went to play soccer at a cool field with another zone that went to the temple with us, and Elder Marchant was there so that was fun.

Well sounds like everybody had a pretty eventful week! Sweet football game, and sweeter fight! haha nothing more pathetic than watching grown men fighting at little league sporting events... but nothing quite as funny either! haha. I can´t believe that it is snowing!! I´m gonna freeze! just looking at those pictures gave me the chills. Everything is going welll here. I´m trying to secure two baptisms for the last weekend of my mission! Alex and José.

Well pretty breaking news here in El Salvador this week. Ready for it....? El Salvador was officially rated the most violent country in the world. How about that? haha more than Iraq, Africa, Mexico, yup all the big ones. We´re number one. The numbers have been really high this last month for some reason, people say it´s normal for the month of November.. who knows why. Looks like I´m getting out of here just in time! haha. Well I think this Monday I´m going to go down town to get some shopping done. If you know me well you will know how much I LOVE shopping... ha so if I don´t come back with something you absolutely love please forgive me. I don´t have much patience in that category especially when people are trying to rip me off! But I´ll try my best :) Well I hope you all have a good week, sorry so short but....I´ll see ya in a couple weeks!
Love Nick

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  1. Okay Holly, if you can make it through sending your son to the most violent country in the world...there is hope for me to send my three sons out there and make it through two years! I can't believe only two more weeks! :)
    Great news!