Saturday, November 27, 2010

1 more year to go! Monday November 22nd

Nick and Elder Alviso before transfers

Dear Fam,

I HAVE A NEW SISTER?! haha call me an idiot but I kinda freaked out when I read that. Who knows you could have adopted somebody or something, I wouldn´t put it past you guys! Alright I´ll admit Sophie is pretty dang cute... but I'm getting pretty mad that I keep missing out on pretty major things AKA Reese... now a new puppy! So is she going to grow a lot more or is that pretty much it? she´s tiny!

Well this week has been pretty interesting with my companion. Last monday night I had a long chat with him about the mission and about his challenges and we finally came to the conclusion that he should just call president and talk to him. So he called and pretty much just told him that he simply does not want to be here and the mission is ruining his love for the church and if he stays here he is just going to go inactive when he goes back. So President called his stake president, who then called him. His stake president told him to wait it out a week, work as hard as he can, study, pray, and if he still feels the same way at the end of the week then he can go home. So I´ve been working like a donkey this week trying to animate him and we even found a sweet family that I'm almost possitive we will baptize the first week of December. But even with all of that, He started packing his stuff Friday night... there´s no stoppin him. So I guess it's just a matter of when he goes home now. I don´t want to push him to hard or try and convince him to stay more than I already have because you shouldn't force anybody to be on a mission, that's why it's called service. If you don't love the people and what you're doing you're not going to have baptisms, let alone converts. So yeah that´s all the drama that is going on right now, so I very well might have a new companion by next week.

But on a good note, that family that we found is waaay sweet and they went to an activity at the church on Saturday and then to church on Sunday. There are 6 of them. So we´ll be working with them real hard the next couple of weeks. So supposedly Elder Alviso is now in my old area in San Miguel! sweet huh? So I told him to take care of my converts.

Well sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be pretty sweet at Uncle Mark's house! I can´t believe that it snowed so much already that´s so sweet, when I heard that I about died ahhhh snowboarding!!!!! Haha send me some sweet video at least. Sounds like Harry Potter was pretty sweet, at what point did it stop? It willl be sweet to be able to watch the two movies at once when I get back, (I planned it that way).

Hey, Brother Cefalo sent me a letter saying that they will be sending the ward news letter to us by email now and that he wanted me to tell you if I got it or I got it! Haha well guys have a good week love you all, I'm sad I can´t be there for thanksgiving but I'm greatful for you guys....a lot! Eat until you die!

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