Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Comp! November 29th 2010

hey guys how´s it goin? Happy Thanksgiving! Late.. haha sounds like it was pretty awesome though, I wish I could have been there! I totally forgot it was thanksgiving until one of the Latino elders in the zone came up to me and was like hey man pretty good day for you huh! I just kind of looked at him confused and was like yeah.... great day....what are you talking about? He just laughed and said wow that's sad, I know your countries holidays better than you do! haha pretty funny. But it was actually a pretty interesting day.

Sadly, my companion went home. We were sitting there Wedensday night and he was just mad because he didn´t think anybody was taking him serious about him wanting to leave and that everybody just thought it was a big joke. His stake president still hadn´t called him and it had been a week and a half, and when he called president all he would say is that he had to wait for the call from his stake president. So that night he told me,/.l look they either do something about this and we can do this the right way and they can help me out, or im just going to get on a bus tomorrow morning and im leaving on my own. So I called the assistants and told them what was up and that if they doing figure something out my companion was just going to leave. Well, it worked. President called the zone leaders on thursday (we were having a zone meeting) and asked to talk to my companion. He said Elder Rojas, I hope you´re already packed up, cause you have to be at the bus at one O clock, I hope you´re sure about your decision. Well he had been packed since the Friday before that, so yeah he was ready for some time arleady haha. So me and the zone leaders went and dropped him off at the terminal and off he went to Honduras. It was all pretty horrible to tell you truth. I feel pretty bad that I couldn´t help him and make him stay. But we all have our agency. But then again it is a commandent... ah I dont know haha. Just crappy all around. So the other problem is that the mission pretty much has nobody to send me right now , there are no trio companionships or anything. So I´ve been with the zone leaders in their area the whole week! I talked to the assistant last night and he told me that either I'm just going to have to stick out this change with the zone leaders and we can try to work once and a while in my are and with the people that I have, or they are just going to send me out to another zone and put me into a trio. Stinks being in limbo! But it´s alright... the work is the work. It doesn´t really matter if I'm here or in my area. It´ll be interesting to see how it plays out, I should know by tomorrow.

So for my sweet Thanksgiving dinner we went to a mexican restaurant and had burritos haha so good. Seriously though I love mexican food. Cafe Rio is on the immediate to do list when i get home that´s for sure. So what are you guys thinking you are going to do for christmas? any fun plans? So remember those scripture covers that I ordered..? I still haven´t gotten them! It´s making me nervous. We are going to go to the office today to get a few things so I'm hoping that they are there. Sounds like you guys are enjoying little Sophie. I forgot to ask, how are Rosco and Joey doing with that? Well not much more going on here right now. Thanks for all your support, I miss you guys all the time! Have a good week. love you all.


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