Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Two emails- November 8th and 15th

November 8th-

Hey guys,
Well the change Is officially done, and it´ll be interesting to see what happens on Wednesday! To tell you the truth im pretty sure that my companion will leave, just because President Perez doesn´t want to do any changes right before Christmas, so if we don´t split up this change that would mean we are together for 3 changes! It´s unheard of to have two gringos together that long, so yeah im not counting on it. But it would be sweet! This change has been super fast it´s crazy. Next Thursday I complete a year!! unreal. Well this week has been pretty good for us. This sisters had a baptism so I had to do an interview for that which was a really good one, one of my favorites. He asked me to baptize him so I was able to do that which is always fun. This guy is crazy smart, supposedly after like the first lesson when the sisters went back he said, "so I´ve been doing some studying, and am I wrong in thinking that we can become Gods?" haha pretty sweet. Anyways I´ll try and send you a pic of that. Also we have a baptism date! This Saturday Bonny is going to get baptized. She has been wanting to do it for a while along with the guy she lives with but he just did not want to get married. We tried and tried forever but he just wouldn´t do it for some reason. Anyways last week we went over there and find out that he left her in the middle of the night. They have a 3 year old together and he just bounced! Way sad. Said he just doesn´t love her anymore blah blah blah. ANYWAYS she told us that she had a dream that her and her son were in a huge building walking up some stairs, and the whole building was completely white and they felt super calm and peaceful and happy. Temple anyone? haha and we had just had a little lesson on temples a little bit back and I told her that is exactly how a temple is. Anyways long story short she is getting baptized Saturday!

Other than that everythign is good here. It has been sooooo cold in the morning and at night lately it´s a joke. Supposedly it is just a weird cold front that has come through and should stop soon but in the mean time I am dying and have never wanted a warm shower more than I do now haha. I was actually very close to boiling some water the other day. Desperate times call for desperate measures! That´s sweet that you guys got a letter from Nate, he´s making me look bad! haha I´ll tell him I know he´s just sucking up to get a package. Speaking of packages Mom for the Christmas package the other day I had the biggest craving for trail mix... throw a bag of those in there for me!
That´s devistating that Utah got blown out like that.... I almost cried. Oh well as long as we beat BYU, it will ease my pain. Well love you guys thanks for all your support. Im gonna go get my soccer on now. Talk to ya next week!!

November 15th-

Hey guys,
Well this has been a pretty crazy week, the mission has changed a lot. Pretty much everybody in the whole mission had changes because the President doesn´t want to do any changes right before Christmas. Two zones in the mission got shut down, so along with four zone leaders. The zones are now a lot bigger and there are fewer district leaders and bigger districts. Alot of people got dropped from being district leader, but for some reason papí Perez saw it fit to keep me in there. I now have 6 other elders in my district. Also president started a new rule that the zone leaders have to have a district leader as well give their numbers to and all of that, and so I'm the zone leaders district leader.

Well my companion ended up having changes unfortunately, but he actually got sent to my old area in Roosevelt San Miguel so that´s kinda cool! My new companion is Elder Rojas from Honduras. He´s 26 years old, absolutely hates El Salvador, the people, the food, their culture, and thinks that everything in honduras is so much better. And I'm for sure going to be with him for three months. Haha I knew that my last change was to good to last. But oh well we got along fine personally, it's just wearing to here him complain all the time and treat the people so rudely. Other than that everything is fine here, just working and trying to find people.

I got my humpday package and can´t wait to open it Thursday!!! I can´t believe that I have reached a year, I never thought that it would come. I feel like the exact same person I was when I first got here, so it´s weird to think that I am actually half way done! I used to look at the people with a year in the mission as so experienced and pretty much all the way done, haha now that I´m there it´s seems kind of silly. So are you guys all getting ready for Thanksgiving?! I can´t tell you how good mashed potatoes and gravy with some stuffing and turkey sounds. Im drooling Homer Simpson style right now. So I'm glad that everything went well your surgery Mom, that would have been torture to have to wait until the next month. Sounds like everybody else had a pretty busy week!

I heard a really funny spanish version of i saw mommy kissing santa claus the other day haha Im definitely buying it when i get back. Man I can´t believe that guys like Nate Naegle will be coming home soon.... time is such a blur. Well guys thanks for everything that you do, I think about and miss you all the time. Have a good week!

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