Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Party- May 17, 2010

These Lizards are worth tons of money there (for food)! The Elders "blinged" it out

Birthday party (Nick with Elder Aiono)

Hey fam!

Well my last week of this change.. pretty sweet. This change has gone by pretty fast! the fastest one so far for sure. Nothing too exciting has happened this weekend.. But I went on divisions with my zone leader Elder Aiono the other day which was way fun. We went to a member’s house in my ward because it was their son’s birthday. They had a guitar and wanted us to sing and play something so we played and sang I'm yours by jason mraz ha-ha! Yeah I know it really has nothing to do with the church or a birthday for that matter, but it was the only song that we could both play and sing that we could think of. Anyways that was pretty sweet! Afterwards one of the older sons came up to me and asked, "Do you know who John Schmidt is?" I couldn’t believe it! John Schmidt is actually known by members here in El Salvador! I told him that he goes to the same ward building as me and that my little brother is really good friends with his son, so he thought that was pretty cool. He then showed me something waaaaaaaaay sweet song that John Schmidt and some other guy did. It’s called viva la vida meets love story, LOOK IT UP!! that guys amazing.

Well we’re teaching quite a few people right now so that’s good. It’s possible that we could have a couple baptisms at the end of this month! I’m especially hoping for this Cristobel guy, I’ve got to be real good friends with him he’s awesome. He has been reading the book of Mormon and I know he knows it’s true, and when that happens it’s all down hill from there.

Well I can’t believe Brooke and mom are going to Europe on the fifth!! That’s so sweet.. That’ll be awesome I can’t wait to get some pics. You guys are still going to Hawaii right?

That’s insane the Biss is companions with his cousin.. lucky dog!

So I'm sad I missed the baby blessing, I'm glad Ashley did well though. Holy cow mom sounds like your dang busy with your photography! That’s awesome. Watch out dad before you know it mom’s bank account is going to be out doing yours! ha-ha Well I'm runnin out of time and want to send a few pics so love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love nick

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