Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busy week at the Temple- July 11, 2012

Hey guys,

How's everyone doing? Everything is going well here, just another busy week with the temple and all of that. On Friday 11,000 people passed through! Insane huh? I'm not exactly sure what the total count is, but it's gotta be up there pretty high. On Tuesday I got to give a tour of the temple to a family from North Carolina who were here for business. It was way sweet and fun to be able to chat with them for a while. It was the weirdest thing hearing little kids speaking English haha, I can honestly say that it has been 20 months since I have heard a child speak English. They had a little chunky 4 year old son with really curly hair and EVERYBODY was just loving it, rubbing his head, pulling his cheek, the whole deal haha. I got to see once again a lot of people from my old areas which was way cool, including a little group that came down from Ilobasco and Pedro was there! He's still going strong.

Well today the zone has interviews with President Glazier for the first time. Yesterday My companion and I had a stake correlation meeting with him and the Stake President. He's a really good guy, I like him a lot and am excited to work with him. I'll ask him in my interview today about you guys coming down to get me, I'm sure he wont have a problem with it.
Well this next week we should have a baptism coming up. It's a wife of an inactive member that we are helping reactivate. They aren't married so we're going to marry them and baptize her. Her name is Daisy. They have a son who is an absolute spaz haha, if you could send some riddalin down here for the little guy I'm sure the parents (and me) would appreciate it haha.
So John and Joan Robison are home huh? Sounds like they did a great job on their talks, I wish I could have been there to hear it! They are definitely great people and I'm sure were great mission presidents. That's cool that a lot of their returned missionaries were there, and even cooler the joke and John made haha hilarious. I can't believe Adam Jones is going to be home so soon! I just still don't fill like I have so little time left, and I know that is how I'm going to feel when I have a week left. I'm pretty sure I won't believe it until I'm in our house... and even then I might have to pinch myself a few times haha.

It sounds like Reese is getting so huge! Man its so weird to think that I have never even seen her, and she is walking, saying words, and giving attitude haha, I cant wait to get those videos! Well sorry a little short this week guys but all that is going on lately just seems like a big blur and I cant remember what happened this week or if it was the last or a month ago haha, but love you all thanks for all your support!!!! Behave yourselves and live the gospel!
Love Nick

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