Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 Months Left! July 18, 2011

Dear Fam,

How`s it going guys? Sounds like everybody had a pretty good/crazy week, so that`s good I'm glad! This week has also been pretty hectic and busy for me, but for the most part good stuff. We are now in the last week of the open house so its going to be a crazy week there. I'm going to be there Tuesday, Thursday, and for the last day Saturday! It`ll be cool to be there for the last day of the open house. It sounds like you guys have been able to see some things of the temple and a little bit of the inside, it`s pretty small but way beautiful. I love it. As to be expected, some kind of bad things have happened with the temple and the people here. Earlier in the week to American pastors who are here to train other pastors came to the open house pretty much to just content and make a riot. They went through the tour and everything pretty quite, but then when they went to the reception room at the end where there is a refreshment and people to answer questions, they went to town. They started talking to two sister missionaries in my zone and pretty much ripped them a new one saying all this bad stuff about the church and trying to battle. The sisters did well though, they just answered the questions, testified and left it at that. It really just ticked me off though, I wish I would have been there. I would have told him a thing or two. It just so happens that a know quite a bit about their religion and it`s just hilarious that they can talk bad about the church and try to make people feel bad when their church has so much apostasy and false doctrine that is just so easy to prove with there own bible. And not to mention that THEY are the invited ones in the open house. And then a couple of days ago a couple trucks drove buy and egged the temple pretty badly. That almost just made me laugh... there`s a one way ticket to the telestial kingdom for ya. Also some dude spilled some version of his "holy oil" in the carpet of the celestial room. But all in all it all goes forward and nobody lets it get to them. Far more good things and experiences have happened than bad that´s for sure.
We have received so many references and good comments about it. In fact, the President of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, went through Friday morning... yeah! It was really interesting, he said that out of all the religions of the country we are the ONLY church that has never gone to the government to ask for money or for favors or some sort of support like that. He said in fact, your church has done nothing but help the country and has given so much freely given service. So I thought that was pretty cool.

Well I have sad news.... I had interviews with President on Monday and talked to him about you guys coming to get me. Well, he pretty much told me no. He said that he has 2 manuals, a stake president manual and a mission president manual, and both of them say that it is highly discouraged that the parents come to pick up there missionaries. He then said "ya know I served my mission in Chile; 22 years later my son served in Chile... do you think I wanted to go pick him up?" I said "I imagine you did", he then asked "but do you think I did it?" ....."no"... haha and then he said "I hope that´s kind of an answer for you". I told him that Mom you were gonna write him an email to ask you about it and he said, "you can tell her" :) with a smile on his face. Soooo yeah I don`t know what more I can say. He didn't flat out say no, but if you came I would pretty much be flat out going against the counsel of my leader. And I mean we can always go back and make a sweet trip out of it in Central America. Also if I go straight home I would be getting home on Thanksgiving Day!!!
Well thanks for everything love you guys!! Tell the ward and everybody I say hi. I have 20 months in the mission today... scary. haha Talk to ya next week!
P.S. IM FAMOUS! Man being in the newspaper in Utah and I`m not even in the country... imagine when I get home, it`ll be front page!! haha jk Cuìdense!

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