Sunday, May 8, 2011

Almost 6 Months Away! May 2nd, 2011

how`s it goin guys? Man I can`t believe that it`s time to call home again, that was definitely a quick 5 months! I don`t know about you guys but it definitely was for me haha. But yeah everything is going really well here, we actually have a ton of people right now that we are teaching and that are progressing. It`s been a little tough being in a branch though. With less people in the branch, it means less people to choose from to be leaders.. Which means quite a bit of apostasy and a lot of correcting to do. But it`s fun at the same to be able to help so much and almost feel like I`m in the branch presidency haha. Yesterday I blessed the sacrament with my convert Pedro which was pretty cool. He was so nervous haha it was funny but he got it on the first try. It`s pretty cool to watch him progress and everything. He had an interview with the branch president and I'm pretty sure he gave him a calling.. but I guess we`ll see Sunday. His Mom has also been coming to church and talking to us lately so hopefully we`ll be able to baptize her soon. We are also teaching a lady whose son is on a mission in the branch. It would be cool to able to baptize her with her son in the mission, I'm sure he would be way happy. We also had a lady in our branch die last week, and the branch took care of the funeral and did all the arrangements and we went there and spoke at the funeral and sang some hymns. It was prety cool. But she has 3 daughters, all older women and her husband that weren`t members. They were so grateful for everything that we did and were impressed with it all. Yesterday we went with them to the cemetery (which by the the cemeteries here are SO weird), and wanted to know more about where their mom is and what she is doing. So tonight we`re going over there to do a family home evening with them with some members of the branch. Now`s the time to get them going while it`s all recent!

Osama Bin Ladin... IT WAS ABOUT TIME! Gosh I can`t believe he got away for 10 years.... well I hope he enjoyed those ten years because he is suffering right now that`s for sure. So my President is from Orem? I hadn`t heard that that`s sweet! Im excited for him to come. Im hoping he`ll maybe take out some of the rules that we have right now.. AKA no coke. haha. Man I cant believe how much everybody has changed since I`ve been gone. Josh looks way old!

So about calling home, I think I`m going to call around 4ish.... would that work? I can`t believe its my last phone call. The mission is so weird, I can`t belive that I'm getting to that time, it seems like just a little bit ago that I was home. But at the same time when I look back to an old area or when I look back to the MTC I think wow.. that was an eternity ago! haha. Im sure that`s how it has been for you guys as well. Well I guess I`ll sign off now so I have some stuff to tell you on Sunday. But have a good week, love you all! Talk to ya SUNDAY!
Love Nick

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