Friday, May 20, 2011

6 Months to Go! May 16th, 2011

Hey fam,
How are you guys? Sounds like you all had a pretty good week, especially with dinner at Grandma Reids..... You´re killin me! haha tell Grandma that she already has to start to plan a return dinner for me haha. Well today we are going to have Pday here in Ilobasco so I don´t have to travel, which is awesome. That means more sleeping time! haha. So guess what? My companion's Aunt lives in San Salvador and so when my comp talked to his family for Mothers Day, they arranged for her to drop him off a package here in Ilobasco! Well I was thinking that my package had to be in the office by now, and that I wasn´t going to be able to get it until the 31st... and needless to say that´s way to long. So we called her and asked her if she could stop by the mission office and bring me my package too! So she came with the packages on Tuesday and took us out to lunch and everything. Very nice lady, and not too bad off financially, haha. I'm not exactly sure what she does but I know that she lives in the richest part of the country (Escalón). But anyways the point is I have my package now! I'm loving it thanks a lot! Everything in there was a great idea and tastes so good. The Grifindor shirt you sent is way sweet, I love it! And of course the Barcelona :) but yeah thanks a ton I loved it all!!!!!

Well I'm glad the lesson with Kris Tanner went well. I was kind of surprised that you guys liked so much of what I wrote, because I actually felt a little bad that I didn´t take more time to think about it and write it down ahead of time, so I was worried it would make a lot of sense because I was rushed, but I'm glad it was of some use! I liked what you said in the lesson Mom, it sounded really good. It´s so true about the bell thing. Everybody responds differently to the spirit and hears it in a different way. So as a teacher or a friend or whatever, you have to be able to discern how it works for that person and be able to adapt your teachings accordingly. It's a little embarrassing that you had a blown up picture that I sent and put it up there the whole lesson, haha by what can ya do.

Hey I haven´t heard any talk about the Bleaks or the Hunts these days, what's going on with them? Well this week or the next, we will be baptizing a twelve year kid named Samael. Short little chancho haha, he´s hilarious. Well sad news, a ladies son in our branch was killed on Friday. He´s inactive and was drinking supposedly and started wandering around, and happen to wander in a zone of MS. They ask where he came from, and him being drunk and not thinking, responded from the "elen" which is a 18 zone... so him being from an 18 zone and crossing over to an MS zone, and being 23 years old, was reason enough for them to shoot him. So his funeral is tomorrow. It´s weird how numb I have become to murder.. not something I´d ever thought would happen.

Well love you all thanks for everything, I hope you all have a great week! Cuídense!
Love Nick

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