Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 17th, 2011

Hey guys!

So I went to the consult and I just had a stomach infection mixed with the flu, so just a bad combination. But a couple days on meds and resting a bit and I'm pretty much good now so no worries! I still don´t have a lot of desire to eat, but I do it anyways just so I don´t lose a ton of weight haha. But yeah don´t worry everything is fine here, thanks for all your prayers I know they helped. Don´t worry so much next time if things are really bad of course I would tell you guys. And if the mission knows that things are really bad the office would call YOU and let you know haha.. I got like 4 calls within 45 minutes asking If I was in the hospital or If I was dead or what! First the mission nurse called me saying she got a call from a doctor in salt lake (Doty I assume), then sister Perez, then from the office elder that Mom talked to, I almost just wanted to call myself and say I´m ok! But yeah I tried to tell that Elder what to tell Mom exactly and at the end asked him "do you even speak english man?" He said ummm kind of? haha so I knew the conversation would be interesting. So yeah everything is cool here noooo worries.

So you guys went out to lunch with Angie huh? Sounds like she is pretty nervous! Can´t blame her. She´ll do fine though I know. It will definitely be tough for her at first, just like it is for everybody else, but she´ll end up loving it. Make sure to give her my email address so she can keep me updated on how she is doing. I think it´s a good thing that she is going to the MTC in provo instead of in Brazil. I just hope it doesn´t take an eternity for her to get her papers and all of that stuff.

Well this weekend we are going to baptize a kid named Reynaldo. He has been going to church for a long time, like over a year, but his parents never would give him permission to get baptized until recently. We are going over there tonight to finalize it and talk with them one last time to make sure it´s ok and try to sneak a signature on the baptismal form haha. But there are going to be possibly quite a few baptisms this weekend in the zone so we are thinking about having a "white night" and doing all the baptisms together and a big meeting, kinda like what Dad did for Christmas on his mission which would be sweet! So hopefully there are enough to do it! I´m pretty happy cause my whole District is going to baptize this month which is always the goal.

So sounds like everybody is pretty much done with winter haha. Has anybody else been skiing other than the boys? Im going to die when I get back to winter, I get freezing if I´m in any place with air conditioning (which is rare), haha so I can´t imagine how´s it´s going to be returning to snow. Well thanks for everything and all of your prayers this week, sorry that you were all worried. Have a good week I´ll talk to ya next week! love you

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