Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baptisms always make you feel better! January 24, 2011

Reynaldo's Family at his Baptism

Hey guys, How´s everybody doin? Well this week has been pretty good, super busy! We baptized Reynaldo and Elder Mason and Elder Chavez baptized a guy named Salvador so we had the baptism together. We did a little version of Come Thou Fount at the baptism! Harmonica, flute, and singing haha it was pretty legit. It was way good though, he was way happy to finally be baptized. His whole family actually came to the baptism which was a big surprise. We went to pick him up and were waiting in his house for a couple minutes just chatting with his Dad. We invited him to come and told him it was something really important and that he would for sure enjoy it.. but I didn´t think he would come to tell you the truth. But about five minutes before it started both of the parents and the little sister walked in, his Dad in a white shirt and slacks! I didn´t even know he owned a white shirt haha. So yeah Reynaldo was pretty excited. We are starting to work with his Mom and little sister, I´m pretty sure they´ll get baptized this month.

On Thursday we had a super cool meeting with the whole mission. Elder Jensen, the President of the Quorum of the 70, came and spoke to us. It was the first time in a really long time that the whole mission met together for something. Everytime I hear a General Authority speak, especially in person, it stregthens my testimony a ton! You can just tell that they aren´t normal men. He shook everybodys hand and talked to them for a bit. He talked at first about the power of music in the church and how life would be empty without music. He then talked about how there is a lack of reverance in the church. He said, "where there is reverance, there is revelation." I liked that. He also talked about the Book of Mormon and how we should read it as a big picture rather than chapter by chapter. Anways, he talked about a lot of stuff, I won´t be able to cover it all but it was way awesome. His wife also spoke with a translator and did a really good job. It´s cool to think that he is probably going to be an apostle one day and he spoke to our mission!

Well as for me I'm doing pretty well, pretty much back to normal health wise. We have changes here next Wedensday, it´ll be interesting to see what happens! Im pretty sure my companion will get changed. It has been pretty tough with him this change. That´s so sweet that Preston got called to Paraguay!! There were a couple of guys going to Paraguay in my zone in the MTC, pretty cool guys. But yeah tell him congrats and he´ll love it. So did you guys get an email from Angie? Hopefully she´s doing alright. Let me know!

So the office told me that I have a package that I´ll get today! I'm assuming its the new years one, I'm pretty excited. So if you guys go to Jaxons mission call opening put me down for Brazil. Well I'm going to try and get some pics sent of so I'll end this but love you all thanks for everything that you do. Talk to ya next week!

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