Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Tropical Storm- May 31, 2010

The River outside his house!

Miguel Rafael Parada Ayala's Baptism

Nick's cook and her family

Hey fam!!
Well this week has been a pretty crazy! As you guys heard, there has been a huge storm here, and that eruption in Guatemala. The eruption hasn´t affected us here, but everybody has been talking about it. My comp has been a little worried about his family, cause I guess he lives semi-close to that volcano, so hopefully everything is alright. So it had been raining pretty much all week long, but not way hard up until Friday. Saturday in the morning the president called my zone leaders and said that a big storm is heading this way and make sure all the missionaries have food in their houses. So we went and bought a bunch of emergency storm supplies (hence the chunk out of my card), and waited to see what was going to happen. Sunday morning I woke up to water dripping on my face from the ceiling! My whole house was pretty much drenched and it had been raining very hard all night long. I looked out into the street and it was literally a river up to about my knees!! My zone leader called me and told me that church had been canceled for everybody, and that we weren´t aloud outside for the whole day. So I spent all day inside bored out of my mind eating canned beans haha.

But other than that it wasn´t really a huge deal,everything is fine today and all the water is pretty much gone. It was so cool to see that much rain though, I never never seen anything like that in my entire life! What´s new about the volcano in Guatemala? I heard it was realllly big.

Well Saturday I had a baptism! His name is Miguel Rafael Parada Ayala and he is 22. We found him a while ago but he had some problems with his work and his we couldn´t baptise him. But we kept working with him and he actually quit his job and dumped his girlfriend just so he could get baptised! It was so awesome. We have a few other really positive people that I think should end up getting baptised in the next few weeks.
Well Mom and Brooke are you ready to leave?! I still can´t believe you are going to Europe... that´ll be so much fun. I expect plenty of pictures! So you are going to be gone what like 11 days or so? Mom have you been brushing up on your French?

So hopefully I get that package pretty soon because I can´t wait to see all those videos of Reese!!! And all the other good stuff that´s in there. Hey you guys haven´t got the card i sent yet right? hopefully that gets there....
Well Im kind of short on time today but love you all Mom and Brooke be safe on your trip!! Hopefully I get to hear from you guys.
love nick

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