Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last MTC Email! January 12th

Hey everyone! Wow.. I can't believe I leave in 6 days... I'm sooooo excited! I got my flight plans last Thursday, so here they are: I leave SLC at 7:47 PM and will arrive in L.A. at 8:53 PM. Then I'll leave LA at 11:55 and arrive in El Salvador at 6:45 AM Tuesday morning. So there ya go!! I'm glad I'm leaving in the night so I just sleep during the flight to El Salvador. I'm still not exactly sure when exactly I can call you guys but as far as I understand I can call you guys as long as I'm flying so maybe in in SLC and LA. I'm way excited! Are you going to send me a calling card thing? If not I think I can actually buy one here, so whatever is easier.

Well this week has gone by pretty slow haha I've just been constantly thinking about El Salvador and the language and my new companion and all that so yeah I've been pretty impatient! But I'm down to my last 6 days and this is the last Email you will receive from me in Utah.. pretty crazy. I can't believe I'm going to live in a different country for two years, it's gonna be awesome! So every week we are supposed to write a talk in Spanish on a specific topic they give us and then every Sunday they randomly call on two elders to give their talks and Sacrament meeting, and guess what.... yeah I spoke on Sunday! Good thing I prepared a talk huh? haha it was way short and simple but yeah maybe I'll send you my talk for keep sake, I thought you'd maybe enjoy that. I'm sure it is loaded with errors so Dad cut me some slack haha.

I'm glad you guys liked my tape and videos I sent. That rock paper scissors thing was pretty funny huh? yeah just to let you all know, I came out the champion and still hold that mantel! We had a health and safety meeting last night about how to prevent sicknesses and how to be safe and all that stuff so that was pretty helpful. I think I am going to send you guys some stuff that I don’t want to take to El Salvador so expect that in the next little bit. Well I don't have much else to say sorry this is so short but I am going to talk to you guys on the phone in a week!! Love you all have a great week.

talk to ya soon,


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