Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year! January 5, 2010

Hey fam!!

Can you believe I only have 13 days left?! I'm so stoked. Dad you wanted me to tell you guys the exact date I leave, it's the 18th. That's a monday.. I hope that works out alright. I'm not exactly sure what time I will be leaving, but it seems that everybody has been leaving between 6-9 so yeah that's a good guess. I get my flight plans tomorrow so we will know for sure by then! I can't wait holy crap I'm getting butterflies just talking about it haha. But hey I'm pretty sure as long as I'm flying I can call you guys so like if I have a big layover in Texas or LA or something I can call then. So yeah I guess we'll just have to play it by ear.

Well nothing too exciting has gone on this week, just the same old thing! Thanks so much for the New years package!! I loved it! Martanellies are my favorite so good call on those. I took a few pictures that I will develop today and send to you guys sometime this week. Mom thanks so much for the bagels and the other package! I have definitely won the most package award out of the District haha but Elder Marchant is coming in a close second. So thank you I really appreciate it! I'll try and think of some stuff for you to send to take down to El Salvador but I've got a pretty good supply of fruit leather and there is this brand of Granola bar I really like that is in the vending machines here, it's called Sunbelt chocolate chip. I get at least two everyday no joke haha so yeah I think those would be good to take down there.

Dad I LOVED the ski video! Man that looked soooo fun. The basin looks just as good as ever. You guys better go a ton this year! It actually looked like there was a good amount of snow, that one video of Josh and Adam had like a foot and a half of fresh! so sick. And of course the food looked as good as ever haha Adam was lovin' that pepperoni. Josh Looks old without braces!! lookin good my man. Do me proud.

So there is a teacher here that went to El Salvador on his mission and got back like a year ago and we talked to him for like an hour! It was awesome, its sounds so sweet. Apparently president Perez is a pretty stricked guy.. but really nice. He said during the rainy season it pretty much rains everyday. He was telling us what areas were dangerous and what ones aren't as much. The city San Salvador can be pretty dangerous supposedly and an area called San Miguel, but San Miguel is also one of the sweetest places in El Salvador he says so I guess that's a little bittersweet if you're in that area. But seriously I'm really not worried at all about being safe, I know I'll be fine, so let's keep our figures crossed for San Miguel haha.

He says that there are areas that the houses are made purely out of cardboard.. how crazy is that! Oh yeah that San Miguel area is also the hottest area.. he says it is consistently upper 90's sometimes 100 with 100% humidity.. he also says that we will have maids that will do our laundry and cook for us just like your mission Dad so that's good! wow. Spanish is getting pretty intense. We've covered all the Subjunctive tenses and passive voice and stuff like that.. Well I don't have too much more to tell you guys but I'm gonna do a tape recording in a couple hours to send to you guys tomorrow or the next day so I'll tell you some more stuff in that. I hope you all have a great week!! I love and miss you all.

Love Nick

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