Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two more baptisms! August 2, 2010

Elders and Sisters serving in San Migel

Ivette's baptism last week

Ivette's sister, Lorena's baptism (and another boy he didn't name)

The elders working on houses (see the two at the very bottom of the pic!)

Dear Fam,
Well this has been a pretty busy week for the both of us sounds like! Tuesday we went as a zone to do service in a really really cool place. The church is paying for quite a few houses to be built down here. This house is the worst house that i have seen while i have been down here, it was really sad. Well we had to carry down all the materials down a huge steep mountain with huge rocks and cross a river to get the place where the house is going to be built. We carried huuuge pillars of wood that were wet, which made them really really heavy, as well as a ton of cinder blocks. In all, it took about three and a half hours.. needsless to say i was absolutely dead the next day haha. And my shoulder scarred! But it was really cool and the place was super pretty. Im going to send a few pictures from there.

Also I had two baptisms Saturday! The little siser of the girl I baptized last week, and a kid whose family was inactive but we activated them and baptised there son. I went on divisions with Elder Brummond on thursday so he could do the interviews, so that was really fun! In the interview with Lorena, he was just chatting with her and i wasn´t sure if she was going to pass. So they entered after they were all done and the challenge of getting her dad to sign the papers was still there. He said that she doesn´t know what she is doing and is too young. Elder Brummond then said "ok lorena tell your parents what you told me". She then said, "when i was at Ivettes baptism, I prayed and asked God if this is the true church, and when I did God told me that it is and that I need to get baptised too." chills when up my spine! It was awesome because I told her to pray at her sisters baptism and ask heavenly father if it was the right thing for her to do, but I didn´t think she really would. I didn´t know that she had until that moment. So long story short she got baptised and it was one of the best baptismal services I've had. Me and Brummond sang "para siempre Dios esté con vos", or God be with you til we meet again. Needless to say everyone loved it haha.

Well this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday President Perez is coming to do leader training with all the DLs and trainers from all the zones out here. Im pretty dang scared because there aren´t that many elders that are going to be there so we will be working really close to the President which makes me nervous haha. It will be good though im sure i will learn a lot. Well the package didn´t come at the multi zone... but the ZL's are going to San Salvador tomorrow so im hoping it´s there and they can bring it to me Wednesday! I was way bummed. So i´ll cross my fingers! Well other than that everything is going well here. Changes will be the 18th of August (same day i complete 9 months :) so we´ll see what happens there. I would like to leave but if i dont i at least want a change of companion haha this kid..... somethin different.
Alright well everything is fine here! im feeling pretty good so dont worry about that. I´ll let you know how the training thing goes and all of that.- im going to send a ton of pics!
love nick

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