Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daylight Savings--oops! March 22, 2010

Dear Fam,

Well sounds like you guys all had a pretty crazy week. Holy crap I wish I could have been there to see Reese be born, I'm pretty sad about it. She is way pretty though and I can’t wait to see her and play with her when I get back! Tell Ashley and Dani congrats and they are going to be great parents! Thanks for the pictures I loved them.

Well we had a multi zone meeting Wednesday, which I always look forward to! I got see and hang out with Elder Dennis pretty much the whole to so I was way happy about that. It’s so funny to talk about the past month and different things that have happened to us. It’s pretty funny how similar of experiences we have had. I also got to see elder Montoya! ha-ha but yeah it was good to see him as well. I have a picture with both of them that I will have to send next week. Also I got the package!!! thanks so much Mom I loved it! I found the money from both you and Grandma and I bought my comps dinner a couple nights ago. I made a short little video of them saying thank you in broken English haha its pretty funny so look forward to that. Good thinking with the conference CD´s they have been so nice! it has been cool to listen to Elder Scott and Elder Christofferson because they both give their talks in Spanish! From the sound of elder Scott’s accent I'm guessing he went to Argentina? look that up for me I want to see if I'm right! But yeah it’s pretty impressive how well he can still speak for being that old. But elder Christofferson has REALLY good Spanish. I think he went somewhere in Central America. Anyways thanks a ton for the package I LOVE getting them and all of it was great.

Well other than that this week hasn’t been too eventful. I have a funny story to tell you about last week though ha-ha. So I didn’t know that last Saturday was day light savings time in the states.. and it turned out to be quite the problem for me. So our church begins at 8 and before it begins we get up early and go to all of our investigators houses and try to bring them with us to church. Well with having three elders in the house we decided to get up extra early, 5:30. We got up and went to houses but nobody answered, we were pretty mad. So we went to the church without investigators and at this point it was about 7:55.. or so we thought. we went to the church and the gates were still locked and nobody was there. well I pulled out my watch to check the talk again and realized it said 6:55 and not 7:55! My stupid alarm clock automatically changed because of day light savings time and we woke up at 4:45 in the morning!!! ha-ha kinda funny. We just laughed it off and went back to the house for a bit. The sad thing is after all that we still only got one investigator to come ha-ha.

Mom thanks for the updates on my friends; I can’t believe Jason is going to Alabama! that’s perfect for him, I don’t know why but I can totally see him there. Thanks for the NCAA updates! That’s cool that BYU finally won a game, sounds like it was intense! Well I love you all, thanks for all your prayers and support. I’ll talk to you next week.

Love nick

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